June 09, 2012

Adictive stuffs

So it's like, I'm addicted with lots of things nowadays. First, last week I downloaded 3 songs and all of them became my morning prologue soundtrack everyday, on shuffle. They're One Thing, Call Me Maybe, Blue Night, Titanium, A Year Without Rain, and Boyfriend. Okay, just because Selena's and Justin's song are on my favourite list now, doesn't mean I've fell for their voices or what. The songs are just, well, represent me a bit. But most of all, I really fell hard for the British boyband, One Direction. I thought it was came from a TV series on Disney (I forgot the title) :D I always love British' singers like Westlife. I was, am, and will always be their biggest fans eventhough I know their songs will only remain as memories. And One Direction has brought back my childhood memories about Westlife. Thank you so much to social networks. Without them, I wouldn't ever knew about Harry Styles #whoops :D

Picture from Science and Faith.

Gosh you've got to see the MV! It's like, One Direction are walking around London like idiots! :D

Second, when I checked Picnik on Wednesday, I found such an amazing news from them! If you happen to be their users, you must've known about this. But if you don't, then let me tell you; Picnik is going to be closed on April 19th because of something that I still don't understand. This still confuse me wether they will closed forever or not, but the part of this closing is, THEY LET US TO USE ALL THE PREMIUM SERVICES AS FREE! Yes, you read it right! I still can't believe it. I've been wondering to use those cute stcikers and fonts on premium offers for years! So if you're a typographies lover or love to edit your pictures' tone, then this is your perfect chance to take part :9 I'll wait for your artworks!

Third, CAMEROID. As I've told you before that I love dotted effects on my pictures, this application is really amazing and I'm sure will take tons of photos with this in the near future! :D Narcistic profile alert. Well, what can I say? I love taking (crazy) self-portrait!

Fourth, this is actually not one of the addicted stuffs I said above but just wanna tell you that I quite hate YouTube :( Why? Because I don't know where to find downloadable videos anywhere.... My computer somehow doesn't support JavaScript and I don't know how to make that fucking Java! Is anyone know how or where to get videos? I wonder why the hell YouTube doesn't make people to able either to download or simply share their videos :/ Another challenge for me, for sure...

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