June 10, 2012


Yayness! I've got my card reader back on my hands! Now as I've promised before, I'm gonna post some photos that I took from the Bulan Bahasa event at my school! Cekidot :p

Our seniors played a really great drama of the Indonesia-used-to-be... :')

Oh I love this photo! The angle, it's just too good! Thank's a lot for Nisa.

Well, maybe you don't know that I was trying to finish my unfinished-story in that picture. Why? Because I had to. I thought when I joined or participated in this event by sending one of my short story to the judges, I don't have to show my face in front of the public like others did. But I was wrong. I always wrong -__- My chairman said I should retell the story on the stage. WTF??! Read it, and let my stupid face seen by HIM?? By Tiaro?! Hell no!

So I lend the story to Ocha and begged her to read it. Thank God she didn't refuse. My hero... :')

Yup, that's it. It was great actually, despite the get-the-report part, the show itself brought back our nationality soul, however. Probably because one of our seniors played a story of Indonesian in the past. Such a historical.

For more photos, jump HERE.

All photos taken with SONY Optical SteadyShot DSC W2870, by me.
Photos that are me in it, taken by Nisa.

That moron...

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