June 20, 2012

Facts about me

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Guess I'm gonna post one before I left again for the next few hours for my class' match. I'm gonna take a lot of pictures and get them documented—because that's what I always do, y'all. Cameras and videos and film rolls are my things and I don't regret it just because I don't get involved in the game. It's all about how I enjoy what I do, right? ;) As for now, I've been thinking to post thousands of facts about me—and probably I'll update this post in the near future. And here we go...

+ I'm a happy 16th years old girl.
+ I hate people.
+ I don't like wearing lipstick or any other kind of make-ups since it causes acne on my face.
+ I can be a sneaker-woman and heels-woman at the same time.
+ I cried all night when heard that Zayn went on a relationship with Perrie Edwards.
+ I jumped in the air when I knew that Zayn is a moslem.
+ I used to hate Bruno Mars. Now I'm a die-hard Hooligans.
+ I'm no good in any English written test and my grammar is as bad as hell. But when it comes to conversation, you'll find me as a truly British lady.
+ When I'm talking to someone in English and get stucked cuz I don't know what to say, I close my eyes and think about random words from the dictionary, and then they'll flow in through my mouth so I can continue talking in English without being slipped.
+ And yes, I read dictionary of foreign languages on my free time like Japanese, Germany, Swedish, Russian, and of course, English.
+ I hate K-POP so damn much.
+ I'm more like an indie girl in my class for music. Whilst other loving K-POP, I stand out in the crowd as Western's songs' loyal fans.
+ I'm the only one in my family who is able to speak in English. Dad has a good basic for conversation, but believe me you wouldn't want to hear him talking in English...
+ I just set a record as the highest score in English written test in my class. And I've never failed even for once for the whole first year of senior high.
+ I ever waited for a boy to fell in love with me for a half year.
+ Whenever I promise to eat my Skittles one by one, I end up taking the whole shits...
+ I'm a coffee mad addict.
+ I don't like Owl City, Coldplay, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Justin Bieber—or whoever related to him.
+ I'd rather using symbian phone than android ones.
+ My Samsung Corby is having her 3rd birthday this year.
+ I can run in Louboutins.
+ I used to ate a lot of foods when I was a kid. Now I've got the full control of my starves.
+ I can type even without looking on the keyboard.
+ I play grand piano.
+ I don't like shirtless models or boys.
+ I don't like Freja Beha or Abbey Lee. They're too skinny as a human being.
+ I'm stupid for downloading any software.
+ I'm no good in Photoshop.
+ I don't really look beautiful when it comes to self-portrait.... with my friends.
+ I like primary colors and black.
+ I swear a lot.
+ I used to get bullied cuz I had no famous look.
+ I love Miley's golden hair and its shades.
+ My chair-mate has always been a non-moslem this past few years.
+ I love typographies and sometimes I feel like wanna be a room-designer.
+ Ilene is my favorite life blogger forever.
+ I start liking someone who has U as his initial. Guess who?

Now that I'm going to working as a photographer once again, please enjoy this post as much as I am. If you have any posts like this, please leave the link in the comment box so that I can read it. That would be fun! :)



  1. That is such a cool idea!! make sure you remind me to do one sometime!!

    1. sure thing, EJ! would love to know more about youuu :*


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