June 10, 2012

Feet of a queen

Hello there :) Ohh, finally can update this blog up with a "real" post :D I know I haven't posted anything here for about more than 2 weeks? The truth is, I always faced up by "what should I post?" question. If I had the chance to post, I would have done it. But I don't want to force things. So everyday I just stare at those dusty posts I've left for days (probably weeks...). And I feel sorry for that.

But here I am now! I finally have something to post about. Last night I went to Blu Plaza and got straight to my favourite shop to buy some good stuffs there. Too bad that the discounts were out so I spent quite lots of money, teehee :p Sorry, mom! I heard that my JHS friends wanna make a birthday party celebration so I thought, I needed new clothes to wear :/ I don't know where the inspiration was first came, but I imagined myself wearing a black tank, covered up with neon outerwear (in any colours), black jeans, and paired with another neon shoes in the same colour with the outerwear. The first thing I looked for was outerwear. I'm quite lazy to take a picture of it so just wait the premiere time... And here comes the kick-ass shoes!

I've been dying to see these pair of lovable Fladeo shoes on my feet! I saw it for the first time a long, long, long, loooong time ago at the same store. But my mom said it's better to shop on Buccheri since she has been Buccheri's old fan. So I let go this beautiful wedges and though someone who's luckier than me would get the chance to bring it home...

But todaaay, I mean, last night, I finally saw it again! Thank God you finally gave me the chance to! Actually after I got my neon red outerwear, I was looking for the perfect shoe to sum the total looks I'll wear for the birthday occasion. I didn't expect to ended up with this shoes, because my mom said I better choose loafers or flats for a comfortable looks. But hell, I can hang with the highest heels for more than 12 hours! It has proved, man! Even Victoria Beckham was first learned all those "high" things from me~ LOL

No, my feet aren't that big... Trust me...

Mom is quite afraid with too-high heels/wedges like this. But I love being tall and somehow by wearing them, I can get more confidence. Okay, maybe sometimes I feel like wanna fall down but I keep on practicing by walking on them, won't make it really matters... :) Besides, when it worn, I seem like wearing sneakers, somehow... not wedges :D Simply weird, and beautiful too! Love it an awful lot...

My latest nail-works... Still looking for another colour!

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