June 16, 2012

Gerye nakon

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We both cried before you left. Today you told me there is no point of us being together because we live so far apart and you don't want me to suffer without you. It's so sad that you gave up on us when I have not given up on you, not even once. You said this is life, and this is destiny. Then I tell you now it's fate that bring us together and destiny is in our hands. We can choose to defy it but you have made a choice to let me go without even trying...

Each night before we go to bed, you will ask me how much do I love you. I am not smart, maths can't do the calculation, science can't give me a logical answer, art can't paint my feelings but I love you more than myself. You are my heartbeat. Is that not enough for you?

I turned my back against the world to be with you, now the world is laughing at me because they said I told u so...

I will miss your dimple when you smile, your blue eyes, the time you made me soup in the middle of the night when I was sick, the mornings when we woke up and brush our teeth together, the time when you stood in front me when we are waiting for the train so other boys won't look at me, your face when I saw you cried for the first time. 

You make me believe I am beautiful even when I have messy hair, with no make up on and my eyes are fill with tears.

I am clumsy, I always tripped and fall, I bumped into things, I dropped everything, I like to walk around the house with wet feet. You say at times I can be so stupid, you said I was childish because everytime we fought, I always close my eyes and won't look at you when you are trying to talk to me. How can I live without you now? Please tell me...

....how could you.... walk away like this...?

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