June 10, 2012

Just something I made

It's weird, blogging on Sunday night. Well it's not, I should believe it this time. Because now, it's time for wolly dolly holiday!! ^O^ How's your holiday, guys? Eventhough I haven't celebrate it yet, but my BFF forever does ;) She is going to spend the whole holiday at Bali, unlike me. I'll just sit down all day in front of the computer, surfing the internet, reblogging on Tumblr, play The Sims Social on Facebook etc. Sometimes I wonder if I can be a christian for a day :D I'll buy a big christmas tree, put a lot of accessories on it, buy myself dreamy gifts which in the end I'll open it and pretend to be surprised.... fuck society ._.

But whatsoever, about today's post, I finally made it! My own complicated GIF! Why I call it as 'complicated'? Becaus it does need lots of strength for me to made this. And the guts to do...

It was quite hard to made this. First of all, I had to download all those JC Litas pictures from Solestruck (for the right part) and Google (for the left part). Then I combine them and add my credit on the left side one by one. After that, I stitched them into one with Photoscape 3.5 and voila! THIS :D

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