June 10, 2012

La premiere!

Good evening, my dear sweety followers :O I currently having my holiday after doing the UHB (like exams, but it's almost unimportant to be done...). This week (and last week too) has been sooo hectic for me. Not only about the exams problems, but also learning about Photoshop :| Yes, I believe who ever that has created that photo software, must be a kind of Impotent. Since the first time I heard about Photoshop from fashion bloggers, I was interested on its amazing photo effects more than what Photoscape can offers. But to download and get it installed, was like batteling another world...

But since I've got my own laptop now, I can freely download every softwares I want fastly (because it's Windows 7 I think). But I still don't know how to use it, even if I've watched gazillions of video tutorials on YouTube, read the manual instructure, and the worst.... I bought a book of it :| I'm such a pathetic! At first, I promise to myself that I won't use that application anymore. But then again, everytime I opened Photoscape, something in Photoshop annoyed me, geez... And finally, last night I brave myself to tried Photoshop and edited Sacha's photo, like this!

My very first time using Photoshop! I know, better don’t say anything :$ Model: Sacha Dumain
Model: Sacha Dumain used with permission.

I always wondering how people on Lookbook stitched their pictures into one with the same sceneries :/ It'll looked like they have a twin when they're being photographed. Cool~ So here I present you my very first time creation using Photoshop CS! Yayyness....! So thank you so much, Sacha for giving me permition to use your photo as my demonstration :) I've been loving this outfit, anyway, teehee....

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