June 11, 2012

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So recently I've stucked with Avril Lavigne's old song, I'm With You. I ever heard the song somewhere a few years ago but when I tried to captured the tunes with my phone (Samsung Corby has the "it" features which I love so much cuz it often helps me in kind of this situation), the song ended. I always had no chance to figured out the title until I heard it again when me and Ajeng went to a mall last Thursday. With all of a sudden, I grabbed my phone and let it syncronized the song. So voila! It's I'm With You... :)

Anyway, last night I had such dream. Remember about my old-time crush, Tiaro? I think I missed him last night. I don't know, he suddenly appeared in my dream last night and all of the scenes were so.... real. I mean, really real. At first I was talking with Ajeng at my dream, we were sitting under the desk because there wasn't any teacher in the class and as always, we talked what girls love to talk about. And then I saw Tiaro walked in front of me and tried to hide myself from him. I was so stupid as always but when I thought he's gone, Ajeng said he's just sitting right behind me...

I screamed because nothing. I heard myself to get him away from there, from me. He kept on silent and I became panic in every second afterwards. And then he moved to my right side and sat. I still don't know how or why, but I felt like I knew he was smiling at me. At the next second I could feel that he said like this, "I don't want to go. I came here because I wanted to see you. I feel like wanna show you some things that you might like,". And ohmyfuckinggod I was like asdfghjkl and he made me like poiuytrewqmnbvcxz!!! I braved myself to stared through his eyes and he showed me everything he had. Like, tons of dreamy gadgets, my favourite movies, songs, novels, shoes, and etc. And at the end, he kissed me...

Even until now, I don't know how to react if I meet with the real Tiaro in real life.

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