June 10, 2012



I always run away from my crushes, almost like doing marathons :x That's world's first problem. Truth is, I don't know how to hold my emotions when I suddenly bumped into them. It just flows in on my head and the next second, I become a wild animal. I got 3 close friends in this case and they're my crush's best friend too. So it's easier for me to get in touch with him. Still, no one can really heal my "marathon-phobia" :$

He's sweet, nice, easygoing, and talkative. When the first time he said hi to me, I ran away. But he didn't mad—more over, he loved it. He said I was so funny. But at that time, he didn't know the real reason why did I run away from him.

The reason? It's more than complicated. So I've never known this guy before. I knew him just a few days ago. Me and my friends had our art class outdoor and then he came up with his friends to said hello to my friend--not to me. Actually I ever said a joke to my friend that I really want to get his attention. It was just a joke, really. But she took it serious. So she told him all the things I said to her and it happened. He said hi to me.

It was really cute! I felt so wonderful like I was the only girl in this world and for the first time ever, I was happy to be myself! :D But I couldn't hold my emotions because of very flattered so I covered up my face and just waved at him. Then when the school was over, we met again at the lobby and he waved at me but I ran away. It was so fast and I didn't even realize it! I had goose-bumps and laughed alot afterwards :D

The real problems showed up at the next day. When I went to had our lunch with my friends, we met again. He smiled and waved to me and like before, I ran away agin. He laughed and chased me, tried to catch me and ask what’s wrong with me. I kept on running and yelling at him like, go away! You kind of scared me! :D Then when I've already exhausted, he sat next to me and asked me—still in laughter. Suddenly my tears started dropping and I couldn't help but cover them up with my hands. That's just stupid. I wasn't sad or angry or mad. But I was happy. When I'm happy, I'm gonna cry and that's what people sometimes misunderstand from me. My friends came up and they explained everything how actually I ran away from him because I liked him.

Yes, people, when I like someone, I run away from them everytime I meet them.

Thank God he didn't mad at all! He even showed his interest to me days afterwards! :D He's really kind, I knew it!

But I just don’t know if I'll run away from him everytime we meet again. Somebody help...?

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