June 09, 2012

Nava strikes again ;)

Oh my fucking God... This is the very first time I got a 2K notes on my post! Ever! Can you imagine??? The only many-reblogs post I got was when I posted about... wait, oh well I think I never had any many-reblogs post before but whatsoever, THIS IS HAYUGE!!! I've left my social networks for quietly a week for my mid-term exams and look just what I got when I checked them back...? This appreciations, baby, this! Thank you so much for those THG mad fans, my new big family, you guys really rock my day! :D I love you so so soooo muchas! This makes my one week absent worth the wait~

I mean, come ooonnnnn, this is just a simple GIF I made with Photoscape, not Photoshop (oh I'm still that suck with Photoshop...). When I posted this, I thought, 'Well, people might won't give a damn with this post since everyone can make this kind of GIF. Just combine the typos and tadaa...' but what? I can never enough say that happiness often come when we least expect it, right? ;)

Here is my current Tumblr stats~

Mmm, still a newbie, yes. But really, I think that post makes my followers increasing. The last time I left my Tumblr, my followers was still around 85-86, but look now! Oh I'm like a kiddy now... :| Enjoy your day, peeps! And thank you so much for all of my THG friends, me love ya! :*

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