June 09, 2012

Probably your new bookmark

Aaaaannndddd, I am back!

In a better version of my blog, eh? :D I'm a longtime blogger in blogspot, really. But my very first blog was a big crap and since the last time I changed my URL, all the informations became even worst and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I love making up my blog's design and sometimes I do it too much until it reaches its maximum capacity and I finally break it and that's what's going on with my old blog. I'm hard to get satisfied so that's probably the main reason why I keep changing and breaking things OTL.

Now I wonder why should I make another blog? I mean, my old blog has a cute design! It's my true masterpiece and because of it, I can understand about HTML and CSS. It's not that hard to understand, though you do need time to work it out. Rather than go shopping all day, I'd choose gambling with my own luck to update my blog's HTML design~ It makes me almost—and nearly—become a nerd.

Welp, seems like I'm gonna repost some posts from my old blog to get started. Nah, nah, I've tried to import it but the result is as bad as my life :x Also, I'm interested in trying new URLs. NAVARTIERRE has become my trademark this time and adding word 'THE' in front of it just doesn't suit my style. NAVARTIERRE is simple and represents me as the author completely. Adding another word to it is as same as messing up with me. I love simplicity but this time, guess I have no choice for the moment :)

So welcome to my not-so-new blog, Teenaginators! I am THE NAVARTIERRE.

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