June 21, 2012

Storylabs: Dance With Me

Sophia Crawford is definitely NOT a skater. Unlike her older sister, Diana Crawford who is more like a pro in this skating stuffs. Though Sofie always come to her sister's skating tournament and often get the chance to sees Diana practicing at Blossom, she still can't figure it out how to stay still on ice. One day, when the Crawfords are moving out to their new place, Sofie dropped her Mac right on Diana's feet and it causes big black and blue bruises. Not a big problem if the national skating tournament isn't about to begin only in a month! And as for the sake of her sister, Sofie takes over her place and started to practice her under level skating only in one month. Can she make it? ;)

Story based on works by Adinda Navartierre.

LITTLE NOTE: Went on Yahoo! and found this creepy news in Bahasa that Zayn is getting bullied because he posted something related to moslem things and some English bloggers see it as 'a bad influence'. They said that Zayn's using his fame to spread moslem through his fans :( How come??? But I love how Directioners can actually respect his religion :) We're afterall a big one family, right? So thank you, thank you so much for standing up for Zayn! :* Much love from me, sweet Directioners...

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