June 09, 2012

Storylabs: Elforians

When I was younger, I used to write in my diary. My parents told me that by get used to writing, you'll have a wider perspective of world. Now, I got lots of stories that I made by myself back then. I wish I would have time to publish them before my time has come :| About 10 stories I have until now, ELFORIANS is the very first I made, not to say that it also has lots of series rather than most of my stories. Lots people asked me how could I made this kind of stories. Well, I've been interested with kingdom or magical stories. So I guess, a little first step with imagination won't hurt anyone. I decided to make this books as tetralogy edition. Gonna work really hard for this! Now, lemme tell you a little part of Elforians:

Why I title it as "ANNOUNCEMENT"? Well I took this kind of title, depending on steps of a war. You know, when there is a war, people used to warned by the challenger (or whatever it called), just like an announcement. In the first book, I'll surely explain to you every single thing about Dullifant, Elforians' creatures, and other attributes of the story. And also, there will be a war in this book. The first of all, which leads to an eternal conflict.

Guess it! After they heard the announcement, then all of the countries that involved with the war will do a preparation, right? Another reason why I chose this title. I don't do massive changing on the second book. But more characters will be showed up, a continuing conflict, and a little seasoning story here and there and everywhere. There will be a war too in PREPARATION, much bigger than the first one!

Book 3: THE WAR
Okay so this book, is the final battle of the ELFORIANS the series. Lots of characters will be dead, but there will also some who can survive from all those wars. Too bad that some of the survivors who survived lose a half of their soul because of the war. Especially the main character, Sera, who will suffered a stressedful dilemma by her own decisions she made in the past. She also has to continued her father's position as the Great Queen of Dullifant because her father is no longer alive. But on THE WAR, I'll only write the beginning of Sera's life as a Great Queen. About how she leads the kingdom? Be patient, just wait it at the fourth and last book.

It's quite hard for me to find the last great title for the fourth book. But then, I back again to the first reason I made those books. All I wanna write was only about the magical Dullifant. So, voila! It becomes the last title of my tetralogy books. A tragic ending, I must say. Lots of magical things happen, trying to let go what we must not, things to be learned, etc. I really fall in love with this one. The real masterpiece of me.... Yeah, DULLIFANT.

Story based on works by Adinda Navartierre.

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