June 09, 2012

Storylabs: The Quinnson Diamonds

New story, yeaaaahh! \m/ Last night when I was watching Fairy Tail on my laptop, I got this idea. It's a longtime story, actually, but I just remembered again last night. When I was still in 2nd grade in JHS, I made this story for the very first time, inspired by a game. Its original title was "The Smithsonian Diamonds". But then I decided to changed the title because it doesn't suit the characters anymore.

The Quinnson Diamonds is all about gems, jewels, and high-class girls. Quinnson is the name of the oldest clan in world and this story tells about their 1001th generation. The twins which consists of Diamond Quinnson, Saphire Quinnson, Ruby Quinnson, and Amethyst Quinnson. Each person has different personality. In fact, they have a lot of differences. Like, eventhough Diamond is the oldest twin of all, Saphire acts like she is. The real problem showed up right when the twins have finally in the age of 18. As the 1001th generation, Diamond and her sisters should do a secret mission from their family root, Frederick Quinnson. Each girl has to get their 'soul stone' in order to make sure that the world will not blowed-up. Diamond with her "Black Diamond", the strong one. Saphire and her "Blue Saphire", the wise one. Ruby and her "Red Ruby", the rebel one. And Amethyst with her "White Amethyst", the pure one. By the time they're trying to get all the stones, they still have to get the last one, "Green Emerald", which still remains unknown.

Last night I've made the first seven pages. I felt like my imagination was flowing so hard that I couldn't help but write them all! Thank's for THG books, I can slowly manage my own words and grammar so it doesn't really sound cheesy. Have a nice day!

Story based on works by Adinda Navartierre.

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