June 11, 2012

The day, the paper, and the sophomore

Such a perfect time for having a sweet date with my internet, mwehehehe. This time I'm gonna finish the unfinished promises. Remember that one thing I've promised to you guys since the very beginning... BUSINESS DAY'S PHOTOBOOK! Damn like crazy, the event itself was thousands of years ago held, and I just have the chance to post it here, now -__- Well, the first thing I always faced on is: how will I upload the photos? I mean, I can only upload them by my laptop and since mid-2011, my laptop wasn't able to connected to the PC's internet connection and that made me having another battle with the laptop's modem. But thank's a lot to my dad, somehow the internet connection through my laptop has back again and I don't have to worry about it again. So, as I've promised before, here are the photos!

The main aim of Business Day was just to gave the students the experiences of economic trading so we can slowly get used to it. Well, at least that's what I thought about. Because of my class, X.6 had no sure final decision to or not to opened any stands there, I decided to just joined with my Jakuen's stand. Actually, I was nothing but unofficial photographer for them. I even had no different with a broken iron because I was the only one who can freely walking from one stand to another. Hell... You can't imagine how hot it was!

Ochang and her stuffs. I bought one of the yummies :9

Jadi, gue hari itu datang sbg seseorang yg "wow". Know why? Because with my Pramuka outfits I wore that day, I felt like very outstanding, which I think I was.... Gue gatau ternyata boleh pake baju bebas yg seharusnya momen itu bisa gue manfaatin lebih baik lagi -__- Gue paling seneng kalo ada acara sekolah dan dibolehin pake baju bebas (walau seharusnya pake batik but whatevah). Gue dgn tampang polos masuk ke area lapangan dan langsung gedeg liat pemandangan orang2 pke baju bebas! Knp gada yg ngasitau gueee??? K-E-N-A-P-A??? Knp oh knp?? Padahal anak2 JC lainnya pada dikasihtau :( Tp gpp laah. Itung2 gue udh jd makhluk unik di Business Day, wokwokwok :D

Thank God I found Mila was seating there on Ikrema's stand, watching over Nando *pffft...* And because I was the only one who wore 'different' outfit that day, I decided to borrow her denim jacket to cover up everything -__-

Tara and me, we both are love of the life for (she) Kaki Indah and (me) Tangan Otot wkwk.

Adit and Ojan - bimaho *eh Haha, just kidding :D

From left: Aulia, Gilang, me, and Widya :)

Itu kamera di atas bukan punya gue, tp punya Widya -__- Gue cuma nyoba2 doang krn kepo kyk gimana hasilnya. Untungnya sih gada yg rusak, wkwk. Afterall sih, acaranya keren. Baru kali ini gue seneng ada pensi dll di sekolah. Mungkin krn sebelumnya di 16 ga pernah ada dan kalopun ada pasti ancur2an wokwok ._.v Peace laah. Yg gue suka bukan inti acaranya, tp mengabadikan momen2nya! Yak, krn entah knp gue seneng motoin orang. Entah itu orang atau makhluk lainnya juga gpp yg penting bisa jadi objekan :p

Terus habis acara pensinya udh selesai, saatnya ngambil rapot! Nah, ini yg paling bikin gue rada2. Tadinya sih gue hampir mati berdiri nungguin hasil rapot gue keluar, tp ternyata nilai UAS kali ini ga pengaruh sama kelas krn semuanya bakal dikembaliin ke kelas awal (Y)! Dari semua anak X.9 yg udh pada ngambil rapot, gue jelas paling terkesima sama punya 2 maho ini *eh Adit sama Ojan entah knp mereka berdua sama2 gada yg remed satupun. SATUPUN! Bandingin sama gue yg remed 6 dan 3 di antaranya pelajaran sub IPA -___- Jelas lah yaa, pantes mereka betah dokem di X.1 melulu, haha!

The 'innocent' young boy... ¬_¬

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