June 11, 2012

What to watch: Ghost Rider 2

Last February the 25th, me and my 2 friends watched this crazy, amazing movie, Ghost Rider 2: The Spirit of Vengeance (hope it's the right typing). I've been adoring this movie since I watched the first sequel of it, and I still remember it was on 2010's new year's night, on Trans TV. Along with the Ghost Ship movie too! Nicolas Cage is so funny, hilarious, and his act in this movie is totally incredible! I also love the fire effects when he turns into the most handsome rider in burned-up skeleton :3 And the good thing is... there's no kissing or any other inappropriate scenes for teenagers just like the first one! So yeah, I definitely love Mr. Cage and thank you so much for Marvel or Mark Steven Johnson for making this story. I love you, Johny Blaze.... Oh, and Danny too. If you've watched it, you'll understand it!

I know Mr. Cage will never disappoint me. He's too good to do that! Eventhough he ever had some problems with the authority, it won't make me be his hater. I'll always support him no matter what. Go, my big rider!

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