June 09, 2012

We belong forever

Seems like I haven't told you more about my new class, have I? Well, not even both of my parents do... It was about 3 weeks ago I received my new class. If last time I was in X.6, thank God now I've got a higher class, X.5. Emm, not a big changing, is it? But the last time with Tennis Indoor Exorcist was quite nice. Moreover, it was amazing to be with them once again. The name itself was first came out from nowhere when all of us were playing in front of the class, waiting for the 'judgement paper'. And it was quietly, my idea. Oh, who cares if no one likes it? Besides, Tennis Indoor Exorcists means,

Ten Nine Is Incredible, Adorable, and Extraordinary Artists

Well, I think that name sure has a very long meaning, no? :D That's what we truly are! At first I knew this class, I thought it would be the worst year of my high school life. I knew no one. I was all alone and challenged by the situation to keep on survive in the new class. And I did it! :) Well, being separated from Tiaro was hard too. But I got to know with my very bestfriends like Tara, Upy, and Nanay. Also don't forget the funny boys around us, Adit, Ojan, Echy, Adam, Ari, David, Ahong, etc. Those are my new, shining jewels that I accidentally found. You know, you don't mean to, but it still comes to you eitherway!

Adit pls

Unlike the first term, the second one feels much clearer than before. It's the opposite feeling from the first one. If a half year ago I felt so terrible for being in X.9, now I don't know where am I will be if I hadn't be in X.9 :) Thank you so much for your kindness, and patient to be with me too. I should've known from the very beginning that this class, Tennis Indoor Exorcist, is a gift. I love you all... ;)

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