June 10, 2012

Wouldn't you say, old chap?

About two weeks ago, on March 27th, I was sitting like stupid inside the class, bored of the english lesson and almost fell asleep because of that. As always, Mrs. Asdar talked unimportant thing and homeworks so I didn't really pay attention at her. That was until Mrs. Rahma entered the class and called my name...

Really, it was such a surprise. I didn't know about it before and oh, wow, it was awesume! :) I was selected as one of the 5 choosen 10th grade student to be in Jakarta Post's workshop along with Erika, Gerald, and Nispram v^^v Well, they're not my close friend so we rarely talked that day but it was an honor for me! I mean, there were 13 classes of 10th grader and I was among the choosen?! :D How do you call that, huh? ;) The best of all is that I got a certificate (also their official badge and a cutey pen) from them, yay! My mom said this certificate can be used for various things. Probably can work out for the next 2 years? :)

For you guys who don't know what's so special about Jakpost's workshop, lemme tell you: Jakpost is an Indonesian newspaper writen in English and has been serving us around many years ago. Reported in such an up-to-date news style and packed in different spaces like, there's a special part for teenagers like YouthSpeak newspaper, enjoy your weekends with Sunday Post, etc. Not to say that by reading English newspaper, we can automatically trained to speak in English too. Like, when you find any difficult words, you'll tend to search the meaning.

Thank you for the chance, Jakarta Post! Honor!

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