June 10, 2012

You make me go asdfghjkl

I know this is stupid and many other bloggers will get mad to me because I post my personal life too much but I just can't hold it! On my previous post, I told you how I have a moron habit by doing marathon from my crushes, right? Now I don't know how to react tomorrow at Monday when we're gonna meet again—I hope we don't cuz I really really haven't ready yet! Well, yesterday when I was surfing in the internet customizing this new blog, I got a message. At first I thought it was from Tara and she'd ask about the upcoming exam tomorrow. But when I looked at the screen, it was written: HISNAME

Get the whole shit outta my fat ass.

I was like asdfghjkl and at that time, I was running out of my pulse! :O I was left alone at home and I didn't think I've got money to buy pulse. So I tried to ignore it. Seconds, minutes, I couldn't help it! I grabbed all the money I had and rushed to the nearest shop and because of I was in panic, I bought the 25 pulse, without thinking what should I eat then. After I've got pulse, I replied his message and pretend that I didn't know who he was. But after a stupid "guess-who" section, he gave up and told me he was HISNAME. Again, I pretended to get shocked and sent him all the stupid-shocking messages that I think, don't really sound real. I just hope he doesn't realize it...

Then things went so smooth afterwards. We talked about random things and unlike in real life, I can talk to him everything I want without being scared or like always, run away from him. I can be myself and I swear, I guess I talked too much to him rather than what he have seen in real life :D It was just a stupid and unimportant conversations which can be says, full of shits but who cares???

That just means a universe for me :)


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    1. done! :) have a nice day, kar ;)


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