July 30, 2012

Pretty much hidden

Hey everyone, happy Monday for you! ^^ Strange, isn't it, to see me blogging at Mondays like this? Well, I got a free day tomorrow, just for tomorrow since all the teachers will have their own verification tests. Anyway, here are some doodles I just found from my mountanous papers. I remembered that I haven't made up my desk for years. So here they are, another hidden talent of mine--that is if you can call it as a talent...

These doodles were made faaaarrr away when I was in 3rd grade of junior high—that would be at 9th grade. Born this way was so trending back then I couldn't stop myself not to put those words on the paper. Anyway at the second pic, you can see a very big apple there, right? It represents NY, and all the dreams I've always had since I was still a little kid. All those positive thoughts on the left side and the negative one on the right side. At first I didn't make it in purpose, I guess I got bored to death and started putting down all the lines altogether :D And it turned out like that! Ugh, ahmazayn ;)

Do you guys love doodling too? I'd love to see one!

July 28, 2012

Currently reading: The Hunger Games trilogy

Any of you guys here a mad fan of The Hunger Games? ;) Still a year to go to their second movie, Catching Fire and I can't stop reading each book all over again. My favourite one would be Mockingjay. The battles, the cries, the missing, the loneliness, it's perfect. Just how a final book should be. I can't wait to see Jennifer and Josh in the big screen again. Well, I'm still trying to get THG's DVD for now. But seems like it's still not available in Indonesia yet.

Until next post! Have a great weekend!

July 27, 2012

Quote of The Day

"If I could die and come back as anything, it would be as one of your tears. So that I could be created in your heart, be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips."


July 24, 2012


A simple drawing of me and U <3 Follow me on Instagram, @navartierre!

Obsessing over // My new One Direction's Up All Night tour DVD and the CD! Can't stop play the CD all the way up and all of their songs remain at the top chart on my phone, haha! Oh, I also just got new magazine about them, will post about it later! #Happy2ndAnniv1DFromIndonesia Yay! :)

Working on // My homeworks. Sounds crazy and pathetic but that's the fact. I've started my normal days at school and you gotta see the tight competition between those social students at my class... Weew, gotta work the brain out!

Thinking about // U. All the time. Sorry :$

Listening to // Natalie Imbruglia's old song, Torn and 1D's Na Na Na, and the last probably 1D's version of Use Somebody. Both 1D's songs are courtesy of their DVD, really love their voices! They hit my ears and banging on my head like crazy all day and all night :)

Watching // 1D's Up All Night tour DVD. Stated...

Eating lots of // It's fasting month already, and I haven't eat anything like crazy over lots of foods.

Wishing // I'll be just fine even without my old classmates around. Most of them are in science class now and my days have been so 'quite' without them :( But the show must go on!

Another "Currently" post inspired by Ilene and this girl from Sometimes Sweet. You can check out my previous "Currently" post here! :) Until next blablabla!

July 20, 2012

Just like sirens

Source from Ignorance Is Bliss.

I always love underwater photographs. Who can resists its perfectness? I've seen some magazine editorials in underwater version too before, but this one... it's different. It's just so deep. You can feel that you're alone, in the big sea. It's quiet... and dreadful. Hats off for this ;)

Can never get it right

Gowigasa's union jack bag.

So how's everyone going? How's the holiday? I've started my school since last Monday. Not a really good start... okay, enough about school. I stopped at Gowigasa's webstore yesterday and found this oh so Brit bag! You know how I'm so addicted with everything related to the land of the Brits. Especially their music... ekhem. But it's fully-booked so yeah, k bye.

Oh, talking about the Brits, remember about my new One Direction's DVD that I just got? I haven't watched it since the first time I bought it--not even opened the package. Simply because I was afraid if I would get any Zayn-struck. But finally yesterday I watched it, yay! With my another mad Directioner too, Tara ;) The whole DVD was about their first concert, I guess. And there's also behind-the-scene part, and all of their MVs too :D We yelled at the TV like crazy, thought that all the neighbourhood could easily hear us, haha! Oh it's amazing to have someone you can share your passion and music style with!

And so, until next post!

July 16, 2012

Love is 'U' ♥

No, I don't like Cherrybelle, I swear for the mother of Lord.... I hate them instead, enough of say. So just like any other girls in the world, I have a crush on someone. His name is U, and that's the main reason why I put "Love Is U" as my title this time. So I tell ya once again it's not that I like that song. As I told you that last 5th July was his birthday. But it was in the middle of the holiday so there was no way I could celebrate it with him at school—eventhough I wasn't sure if he would invited me to the party :p In the name of "being suh sweet", I gave him a little gift for his 16th birthday. Such a rough way when I was going to give it to him. Thank's a lot for Nadia! :D She helped me alot!

Remember when I told you my dad was having a trip to Singapore? I told him that U's birthday was about to come and I wanted to gave him a gift. He nodded, and when he got home, he gave me this cool, amazing and leather-smell wallet! :D U's favourite colour is green, and I knew I couldn't wrap it with random-pick paper gift. I had a very long journey when I gave this gift to him. But thank's God, alhamdulillah, with the help of Nanay, I did it! :D U said thank you so much to me and he really really really really liked it! Omg, I just love him so much... :*

My school is still having its orientation week for the freshmen, and tomorrow there'll be lots of demos from my school's clubs. I'll show you the pic, promise ;) U will be there too, he's the leader of Teenager's Red Cross at my school. So proud of you, Baby!

PS: Currently stucked with Kotak - Apa Bisa. It has a weird tune and I love it!

July 13, 2012

Super about me

Name? Adinda Sekarwangi! Not the best name out there I mean, I have a love-hate relationship with my own name for such a long time that I even managed to create my own stage name out of my dislike towards my birth name. But now I'm starting to embrace it even more and I have started going public with my real name or sometimes my nickname, which is Dyn! 
Where were you born? Bekasi born and raised, baby.
Where do you live?  I live in the 4th biggest city in Indonesia. I'm licking Jakarta's city-side.
What do you do?  Still a student of 2nd senior high. But I'm a freelance graphic designer for people outside Indonesia and sometimes I help my cousin photographing models with her fashion magazine.
How old are you? I was born in 1996.
What does Ginfragont mean? It was just jungled words, I don't remember where did it first come from. But one thing that I'm sure is, Ginfragont was first a name of an album on my Facebook. Seriously, even the meaning of Ginfragont which stands for Ginger Frappe Gone Typing didn't show up before I made this blog. The meaning was born when I made the about page, haha! So you can say it's just a word with no meaning at all.
How did you first became Directioner? Through Twitter! Thank's for the TTWW at the moment, I was so curious what's the meaning of "Directioners" and browsed on YouTube, listened to their song, One Thing and became addicted ASAP.
Do you know everything about them? If you say it everything, I guess I don't. But I do know things that all Directioners know. At least I know the basics ;) You can always ask me about the lads and how to be a good Directioner!
How long have you been a Directioner? I just became their girls this year. I guess it was last January, if I'm not mistaken...

Do you have another sites? Yes, there are Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, WeHeartIt, Lookbook, Flickr, Polyvore, YouTube, Pinterest, and Last FM.

What is your diet like? Ahmazing. I've been doing a diet since a year ago which turns out good! Especially when it comes to fasting month. I spend my nights at fasting month doing sports like playing badminton or jogging around the neighbourhood. When I feel like so lazy, I just go with my bicycle.

What is your favorite food? NANDO'S, I've tried them once when my cousin came home from UK. She brought me lots of Nando's since she heard it that I loved 1D so much :D Beside that, I'm quite a vegetarian. I don't like junk foods/fast foods. I also don't like soda.
Do you sell your old inventories? Definitely no. I don't like selling items I have except for critical conditions which I hope it'll never happen. I don't care if the world moves so fast in every aspects, I just love what I have right now and I don't think I'll send them for single penny.
Do you meet up with readers?  Sure, why not? E-mail or comment on my blog and we can schedule a hang-out... which usually incorporates some sort of blitz here and there...
Do you take your own pictures? Unless stated otherwise~
What camera do you use? A Sony Optical SteadyShot DSC W-270 and a Canon 600D.
Do you have any pets? Of course! I love having pets. I have 5 cats in total. 4 wild cats I found near my neighbourhood which I named them as Bvlgari, Chloe, Eleanor Calder, and Danielle Peazer, and 1 super lazy Persian called Perrie Edwards. Any questions?
How can we contact you? I love talking via e-mail. I always e-mail back. Wanna try? ;)
Why don't you comment back on your posts? Did I??? Oh, sorry! Sometimes the internet connection becomes so dumb and when I approved all the comments and want to reply you guys, it starts crumbling :(
How tall are you? 156 cm. I know, I'm a petite lady.
What's your favorite color? BLUE.
What's your natural hair color? Black. But as I grow older, I find my hair to be brunette under the sun.
Favourite brand of shoes? Converse, Jeffrey Campbell, and Christian Louboutin.
Favorite flowers? I don't like flowers :(
Heels or flats? Depends on the occasion I guess. I am more comfortable in flats but when times in need, high heels to the rescue! 
Do you like swimming? I LOVE it!
Will you get married or are you? Marriage is an utopia.
Any phobias? Oh my god I'm so scared to death of cockroaches, I can cry seeing one!
Do you drink coffee? It's like water for me, though I'm trying my best not to have too much.
Favourite movies? The Hunger Games and Madagascar.
Book you're currently reading? None.
Are you hot? No, but I can be one if you want me to.
What is your favourite animal? CATS. I'm a cat person. More of a cat than a person, actually.
Your dream vacation? I reaaalllyy really wanna go to Maldives and Dubai :(
Last person's house you were in? I can't remember, sorry!
Next trip you are going to take? Bradford, UK.
What are you listening to right now? One Direction - WMYB.
What is your heritage? I am 100% Javanese!

July 12, 2012

Up all night


SUPER HAPPY, or lucky, whatevs you see it... I'm still feeling so happy now even when writing this post. OMG I just still can't believe it that I finally got that thing! I am in tears of happiness now... :") Thank you sooo much dad for giving me this beautiful present ever—at least after I became a mad Directioner, lol. Okay so I went to a sushi restaurant with my fam and tried so many stoopid foods—I'm gonna tell you about it later. Then I saw a music store across the restaurant and suddenly thought, I probably need One Direction CD. I mean, I just kind of need it. So we entered the store. And when I grabbed their CD, the shop-keeper saw me and offered me their DVD tour too...


But I didn't hug her, don't worry—which actually it might happen if I wasn't with my fam :D I begged to dad if I could get it. I've become so greedy this week. I just bought a camera, phone, and this time I asked for something that he doesn't even know it exists! But at the end, he did buy me both the CD and the DVD. Oh sooooooo happy! Alhamdulillah thank you so much dad, and of course, the shop-keeper ;)

I'll treat you the sushi next time, woman!

PS: Oh, and the music playing on my mind right now is WMYB hehe...

July 10, 2012

Universe in my hands

Just like I've said a thousand times before...

So what am I doing these past few days? Trying to read the manual instruction of my new phone. Wait, what? Did I mean my BB? No no no, definitely NO. Why bother to read it if I can just drown the phone? :$ Kek, kidding... Well, dad was so kind to me this time. The day when I lost my phone was approximately 2 weeks ago. Remembering of my Corazon, I ground myself not to have another phone ASAP. Besides, getting away from those "rings... rings..." is a good method to clear up my mind. But that doesn't mean I don't want any phones ASAP :D At first dad asked me if I had my own choice this time—just so you know that Corazon was picked up by dad--and so I told him I wanted one of the Galaxy series. Anything as long as it's Galaxy. I thought he was going to buy me the SIII :x Just sayin~

And, last Monday he gave me a beautifully wrapped package after went home from the office. I knew it was a phone... trust me. Not that surprising, more like heart-breaking since I thought it would be SIII xD Welp, still, some webs say that it's the cheaper version of SII so I'm not that disappoint hehe... Gotta love my new toy this time!

July 06, 2012


I know it's not important and though no one's gonna read it, I'll still write it anyway. Let's get to the point. Since generation to generation.... wait, am I using these words in my blog? Okay, change of plans. Since years to years... umm, still not cool. What kind of words should I use?

Oh, from blog to blog, started from this blog to this blog, I've read many guider posts on how to be a good blogger. In my post, I'm gonna teach you on how to be a good... no, BEST Tumblrista! *evil laugh* Read read to find out where to start!

What is Tumblr?
- In my opinion, it's a place for inspirational people. And I guess everyone is inspirational people so everyone can use that social network xD Oh, back to topic. For further information, you can go straight to Tumblr and read the 30 reasons why you'll love it. Tumblr is a place for nerds, celebs, writers, painters, artists, typographers, photographers, and most important, FANDOMS! I don't know what'll happen with my life if Daddy-T didn't create Tumblr at the first place. When the former social networks like Facebook and Twitter offered us to people's statuses, Tumblr offers us something more creative and even beyond that ;)

Is it fun?
- IT SURELY IS! Have you seen mine? Actually for some people, it may just sounds boring. Truth is, there are only 2 options to survive in this land of perfection; to REBLOG, or POST. You can reblog, but people will think twice to or not to follow your blog. Mostly they follow you because your blog is dedicated to something or it looks like dedicated to something. You can post, but make sure it's inspirational enough ;)

Which one is important; the posts or the followers?
- Both. It was hard for me to get those Tumblristas' attention, but then I grew bolder and learned about lots of stuffs. First thing I catched from Tumblr was that they love typographies—or anything thoughtful. They love quotes and beautiful pictures. And that's what I did. Combine them and step by step, my followers increase. But there was one day when I realized typographies were so yesterdays. I started to make GIFs. One of my so successful GIF post would be this one. More posts, more followers. But sometimes reblog become people's second option. More followers means bigger chance for your posts to be spreaded.

What is Tumblr Famous?
- It's the highest title you can get from Tumblristas—not officially from Tumblr because Daddy-T didn't actually create "Tumblr Famous". Someone can be called as Tumblr Famous when he/she had ever reached more than 1K notes on one of their posts, not based on their followers. So yeah, I'm one of those Tumblr Famous in "The Hunger Games" category~ Important to remember that there are lots of Tumblr Famous in their own categories.

Amazing! What should I do now?
- To break up with your boyfriend if you have one or for those single ladies out there, don't worry, Baby you're not alone ;) Come mingle with us!

This post will be updated again later on. Don't forget to visit my Tumblr!

July 02, 2012

Editor needed!

So hi again! This time I wanna tell you that my fanfics are currently on their way to English version, yayy! :D After struggling over more than 24 hours of Google Translator and surely edit before I publish them, they've officially gone online now! ;) I know, some words might sound cheesy or not cool but I've tried my best! I still need more time to practice my English as for this time I still need the help of Uncle Google. I find it is the best way for now. I don't want my stories/fanfics remain unknown. Soon, really soon, I hope I can fix the grammar or words.

I need an editor :/ Probably my Australian friend can help, right, EJ? ;)