July 02, 2012

Be free—for every freedom is infinity

"Things we can't live without: God. Family. Water. Oxygen. Internet."

Ekhem, except for the 'Family' part, I guess it can be replaced by anyone. I think I'm more like my uncle, we don't act lay low. We think that we're so high above all humans. But wait, don't you think that's the point? :/ All typos, thoughts, and supportive messages over the internet world tell us to be like that, right? To pull out our confidence on the max. We trust no man and fear no bitch. We enjoy life as how we want and how it should be. We're conceit because we're free and boundless. We don't fake to be kind or nice to all the people we meet in our life. Simply because we know we can live without them.

Okay this might be stupid to talk about that here but I really need something to talk to :D As what I said, me and my uncle know we can survive this world without those people. In case if we can't, we'll find the way out. And if get stucked in that condition, we prefer die rather than to come back to the social world.

Got it? ;)

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