July 04, 2012

Breathe, as long as you can

I am a teenager and I really love milk. This ain't a a sponsored post, really :D Just wanna share my good habit of drinking milk at nights. But my body is quite rooouuuunnnnddd so I prefer the low fat high calcium one. I always drink them twice a day. I read it at some articles from Yahoo! that by drinking milk everyday, it helps us strengthen our bones and of course, helps us to be taller. Though it must be supported by doing sports activities like swimming or playing basketball. My favourite sports are swimming, badminton, and sprinting. Yes, I love to run. Probably hard to accept if you've seen me in real life that I might looked like a ball but really, when it comes to sprint, I am the winner ;) But not that fast if you compare me with the boys. Especially because I have a weak heart...

Speaking about weak heart, my doctor said I'm getting better. But I know it doesn't mean anything, cuz I will never be cured. I'm getting better, not cured. And that means zero for me.

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