July 02, 2012

Editor needed!

So hi again! This time I wanna tell you that my fanfics are currently on their way to English version, yayy! :D After struggling over more than 24 hours of Google Translator and surely edit before I publish them, they've officially gone online now! ;) I know, some words might sound cheesy or not cool but I've tried my best! I still need more time to practice my English as for this time I still need the help of Uncle Google. I find it is the best way for now. I don't want my stories/fanfics remain unknown. Soon, really soon, I hope I can fix the grammar or words.

I need an editor :/ Probably my Australian friend can help, right, EJ? ;)


  1. Hey Nava!!
    Sure, of course I'll be your editor, I'd love to! Just tell me what to do and I'll do it. ;)


    1. ohmygod really???? :O gosh okay please please help me to check my fanfic over here >> http://navartierre.tumblr.com/post/24259028460/one-direction-destined << copy-paste it and please make sure that all the words are perfectly placed, also the grammar >,< emm, do you have e-mail? if you've done you can send it to mine :) thank you so much EJ i'll treat you something i promise--if it's possible! <33

    2. Hey again Nava!
      Yeah I've got an email! is yours the.nava@rocketmail.com ??? I just saw it in the disclaimer & details ;)
      let me know if it is and I'll sent the finished piece to your email ASAP. ♥
      aww you don't have to do anything, I'm fine with it!! xoxo

    3. oh yes it is :) thank youu so so so so much EJ! :*

  2. Hi Nava! Your English is great! I'm trying to improve my English too. What your native language?

    1. awe really? thank's :D fortunately i have a quite good basic of english tehee. my native language is bahasa :)


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