July 02, 2012

Jay Jay


It's July the 2nd! Are you guys ready for another superb month ahead??? :D I am! Thank's alot for the dearest June, I really love you, Jay~ Thank's for being there to support me getting through my stupid days :* Started from my final exams, to give the love of my life a birthday gift eventhough his birthday hasn't come yet actually, and because I finally got my own DSLR camera this year.... :) I can never say enough thanks. Well, I also lost my phone the same day I bought my DSLR. I was so sad. It's hard to say goodbye to someone—yes, someone—who has been living around with me over the past 3 years. I'll never forget ya, Corazon :* Much love~

Aaaannnnddd what's the days ahead look like for me?

+ U's birthday on 5th July!
+ To see American bloggers about how they celebrate the 4th of July.
+ To make more high-quality typos.
+ To download more cute fonts :x
+ To learn more about Photoshop—seriously, I need to do that.
+ To be more focus on Social class.
+ To keep on wearing my glasses even when I'm at home.
+ To read more books.
+ To get new phone.
+ To be with the one I love...

Oh, seems like I'm getting influenced by Illy :D I love making lists now!


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