July 05, 2012

New goodies

I don't know why dad finally gave me this thing—no, not chocolates anymore. Remember when I told you that I just lost my phone the day I bough my new camera? Yeah, right... Now I've got the replacement for awhile though it's so unexpected. I mean, why is it have to be Blackberry??? :'( Seriously, I hate this phone. Okay, this is my personal thought so please don't get me wrong. Why I hate it? Simply because its thoughness is nothing compared to my Corazon. Imagine it, I've seen the entire human being population at my school using this phone, so it's not OOAK anymore. I want to stand out in the crowd and for that I need something that rarely used by others. That is also the biggest reason why I kept on hanging with Corazon for 3 years.

I even feel sorry for BB user. I mean, ekhem, you guys want Instagram but can never use them right? xD Probably some of them who are rich enough to get iPad can easily solve the problem but it's not on the go so I still feel sorry. One thing I always wanna say is why prefer to have a fruit if you can get the universe? ;)


  1. This made me a little laugh. I had bb (same model as yours now) but I gave it my girlfriend as a gift since I don't feel like really using it, plus i couldn't even use it for browsing effeciently. So I decided to stick on to my xperia instead of any other phone model. My xperia is 1.5 yo already. But I'm thinking of buying an iphone now. LOL.

    1. guess all smartphones are 'smart' except for bb :D wai, xperia is amazing! you won't need any replacement for that! :O

      *now i act like a sales again, shizzz* :$


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