July 07, 2012


First I wanna say thank you so much to my parents because they provide me with such good internet connection which makes me easier to learn about lots of stuffs online-ly. Second, massive thank you goes to Blogger :) Since the first time I posted my very first post on my very first blog, I always interested to do a 'mess-up' with the designs. But it was years ago and I wasn't that good to understand about English. Now when I've already grown up and understand a bit, I've done so many 'mess-ups' :D

The first time I heard about HTML and CSS codes was when I was still in 2nd year of junior high though the teacher didn't teach me further about it. And then a year later, I met again with them on Blogger world. I got challenged to do massive changing to my blog design by Stijn and it totally confused me. What he meant by "massive changing" was actually to play with HTML and CSS. I gave up and he taught me a little about them. But it wasn't enough. Suddenly I stumbled upon Pugly Pixel, a superb blog with tons of amazing tutorials about blogging and the accessories. Katrina taught me more about making templates on Blogger and how to change them. Step by step, I could understand about HTML and CSS. But still, it wasn't enough.

Thank's to her and Stijn that I can finally use downloaded fonts now, but my main problem at first place was always Blogger's templates. They're somehow customizable but challenging enough. You can see that mine is the old version of Minima—it was launched on 2006—which I've edited the HTML and CSS codes. If you haven't noticed it yet, I've removed the navigation bar now and the circle picture of mine at the right top sidebar's opacity has changed if you hover it.

See? Extra 2 hours being spent on my life just to understand about this robotic language is actually worth it! Since both of them are readable through all browsers, this really is important for me to be learned :D I'm thinking about following Katrina's way of making blog's template for Blogger by changing some codes from the original one. Well, still on the making! ;)

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