July 03, 2012

Saturday night life

Last Saturday night spent in Taman Anggrek. Dad got home earlier so we could go there :D This is so rare, I repeat. RARE. Never thought that he would come early like that! So I asked dad if we could go somewhere and he said how about going ice skating? :O But I didn't ice skating. The highway was quite crowded—of course, people going everywhere on Saturday nights—-so we were running out of the time and went sightseeing at random department stores.

First thing first you gotta care about skyscrapers in Jakarta, is that they're sooo beautiful at night! The random lights, the crowds, the atmosphere... damn cool. That was the first time I brought my camera :D You know, I always have problem with the authority since my face look alike one of those crimes... :$ Still, you can't show it off inside the department store—or in any stores, but I did capture some lovely scenes. Which I'm not gonna show you here xD Head over to my Flickr to see more!

I hope I can be so ignorant at times. Just so that I can do anything I want like taking pictures at the mall with no regrets :/ It's still hard for ZAYN get used often~

My brother's serious expression when we were driving down town xD

I was wearing heels. Haha! They're comfortable!

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