July 13, 2012

Super about me

Name? You want the truth? Fine. My birth name is actually Adinda Sekarwangi, I can't lie to you. But really, I don't like it—sorry, mom, dad! In fact, people often tease me with my last name—we, Indonesian people don't have surnames like Westerns, not mostly. Just by the year of 2009, I found out that dad was formerly a christian and he almost named me as "Adinda Iris Nicholeson Navartierre" when I was born, taken from my grandma's name. The word "Navartierre" itself is an anagram from the Egyptian goddess, Nefertiri. Grandma is a mixed of Greece and Egypt, whilst grandpa is a pure Indonesian. So yeah, there goes my name! :)

Where were you born? As for now, I can only say that I was born in Athens, Greece.

Where do you live?  I live in the 4th biggest city in Indonesia. I'm licking Jakarta's city-side.

What do you do?  Still a student of 2nd senior high. But I'm a freelance graphic designer for people outside Indonesia and sometimes I help my cousin photographing models with her fashion magazine.

How old are you?  1996's born, count it.

What does Ginfragont mean? It was just jungled words, I don't remember where did it first come from. But one thing that I'm sure is, Ginfragont was first a name of an album on my Facebook. Seriously, even the meaning of Ginfragont which stands for Ginger Frappe Gone Typing didn't show up before I made this blog. The meaning was born when I made the about page, haha! So you can say it's just a word with no meaning at all.

How did you first became Directioner? Through Twitter! Thank's for the TTWW at the moment, I was so curious what's the meaning of "Directioners" and browsed on YouTube, listened to their song, One Thing and became addicted ASAP.

Do you know everything about them? If you say it everything, I guess I don't. But I do know things that all Directioners know. At least I know the basics ;) You can always ask me about the lads and how to be a good Directioner!

How long have you been a Directioner? I just became their girls this year. I guess it was last January, if I'm not mistaken...

Do you have another sites? Yes, there are Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, WeHeartIt, Lookbook, Flickr, Polyvore, YouTube, Pinterest, and Last FM.

What is your diet like? Ahmazing. I've been doing a diet since a year ago which turns out good! Especially when it comes to fasting month. I spend my nights at fasting month doing sports like playing badminton or jogging around the neighbourhood. When I feel like so lazy, I just go with my bicycle.

What is your favorite food? NANDO'S, I've tried them once when my cousin came home from UK. She brought me lots of Nando's since she heard it that I loved 1D so much :D Beside that, I'm quite a vegetarian. I don't like junk foods/fast foods. I also don't like soda.

Do you sell your old inventories? Definitely no. I don't like selling items I have except for critical conditions which I hope it'll never happen. I don't care if the world moves so fast in every aspects, I just love what I have right now and I don't think I'll send them for single penny.

Do you meet up with readers?  Sure, why not? E-mail or comment on my blog and we can schedule a hang-out... which usually incorporates some sort of blitz here and there...

Do you take your own pictures? Unless stated otherwise~

What camera do you use? A Sony Optical SteadyShot DSC W-270, Canon 600D, and dad's Canon 7D. Sorry if at times my pictures look amateur, I'm still learning on how to use them anyway~

Do you have any pets? Of course! I love having pets. I have 5 cats in total. 4 wild cats I found near my neighbourhood which I named them as Bvlgari, Chloe, Eleanor Calder, and Danielle Peazer, and 1 super lazy Persian called Perrie Edwards. Any questions?

How can we contact you? I love talking via e-mail. I always e-mail back. Wanna try? ;)

Why don't you comment back on your posts? Did I??? Oh, sorry! Sometimes the internet connection becomes so dumb and when I approved all the comments and want to reply you guys, it starts crumbling :(

Copyright stuffs? My pictures are my properties, so if you use them, a link back is kindly appreciated!

How tall are you? I guess I'm about 160 cm. A little shorty but it's okay I still have times to work it out ;)

What's your favorite color? BLUE. All kinds of blue shades like blue sky, blue sea, aquamarine, semi blue green, blue mint, or ultramarine. The rests are primary colours, red and yellow. But for my photograph, I prefer black, white, grey.

What's your natural hair color? Naturally black. 

Favourite brand of shoes? CONVERSE, Jeffrey Campbell, and Christian Louboutins

Favorite flowers? I don't like flowers...

Heels or flats? HEELS, for sure. It gives me confidence. 

Do you like swimming? SHOOOOTTT, water is my element ;) Wanna have a race with meh? 

Will you get married or are you? I don't like marriage. Maybe I will, but first thing first, I'll make sure I'm happy enough to start it. I think that marriage is a bound for me. I don't like kids either. For some parents, I'm their children's Freddy Krueger.

Any phobias? I'm afraid of fire, don't know why. I can't touch purple stuffs. I can't eat shrimps.

Do you drink coffee? Well I used to. Now that I have a weak heart, my doctor said I can't consume those sweet things anymore. 

Favourite movies? The Hunger Games and Madagascar.

Book you're currently reading? None.

Are you wearing socks right now? No. I don't like wearing socks even when with the sneakers.

Are you hot? No, I'm Nava.

What is your favourite animal? Pegalecorn—a mixed between Pegasus, Leprechaun, and Unicorn.

Your dream vacation? To the Jupiter.

Last person's house you were in? One Direction's beds. Wait... it was just a dream.

Do you miss anyone right now? Zayn Malik.

Next trip you are going to take? Bradford, UK.

What are you listening to right now? One Direction - WMYB.

What is your heritage? Greek and Indonesian.


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