July 06, 2012


I know it's not important and though no one's gonna read it, I'll still write it anyway. Let's get to the point. Since generation to generation.... wait, am I using these words in my blog? Okay, change of plans. Since years to years... umm, still not cool. What kind of words should I use?

Oh, from blog to blog, started from this blog to this blog, I've read many guider posts on how to be a good blogger. In my post, I'm gonna teach you on how to be a good... no, BEST Tumblrista! *evil laugh* Read read to find out where to start!

What is Tumblr?
- In my opinion, it's a place for inspirational people. And I guess everyone is inspirational people so everyone can use that social network xD Oh, back to topic. For further information, you can go straight to Tumblr and read the 30 reasons why you'll love it. Tumblr is a place for nerds, celebs, writers, painters, artists, typographers, photographers, and most important, FANDOMS! I don't know what'll happen with my life if Daddy-T didn't create Tumblr at the first place. When the former social networks like Facebook and Twitter offered us to people's statuses, Tumblr offers us something more creative and even beyond that ;)

Is it fun?
- IT SURELY IS! Have you seen mine? Actually for some people, it may just sounds boring. Truth is, there are only 2 options to survive in this land of perfection; to REBLOG, or POST. You can reblog, but people will think twice to or not to follow your blog. Mostly they follow you because your blog is dedicated to something or it looks like dedicated to something. You can post, but make sure it's inspirational enough ;)

Which one is important; the posts or the followers?
- Both. It was hard for me to get those Tumblristas' attention, but then I grew bolder and learned about lots of stuffs. First thing I catched from Tumblr was that they love typographies—or anything thoughtful. They love quotes and beautiful pictures. And that's what I did. Combine them and step by step, my followers increase. But there was one day when I realized typographies were so yesterdays. I started to make GIFs. One of my so successful GIF post would be this one. More posts, more followers. But sometimes reblog become people's second option. More followers means bigger chance for your posts to be spreaded.

What is Tumblr Famous?
- It's the highest title you can get from Tumblristas—not officially from Tumblr because Daddy-T didn't actually create "Tumblr Famous". Someone can be called as Tumblr Famous when he/she had ever reached more than 1K notes on one of their posts, not based on their followers. So yeah, I'm one of those Tumblr Famous in "The Hunger Games" category~ Important to remember that there are lots of Tumblr Famous in their own categories.

Amazing! What should I do now?
- To break up with your boyfriend if you have one or for those single ladies out there, don't worry, Baby you're not alone ;) Come mingle with us!

This post will be updated again later on. Don't forget to visit my Tumblr!


  1. I really am a fan of your post. I read your blog word by word and not just scan it like i do with any other blogs... shhhh. ;)) that's why i keep my post as shorter as possible 'cause I know for sure that fashion blogger ain't that reader but merely viewer or stalker perhaps. LOL. they just love pictures, u know. :) i got a tumblr account but i think it's not for me so i'm keeping my blogger as my bestfriend. :)

    1. agree! few to know that i love fashion and i do stalk fashion bloggers. but when i wanna leave comments on their posts, i got nothing to say cuz they actually don't write anything xD let's see that, blogger is my husband and tumblr is the affair :x

      ps: you're suh sweeeetttt!!!

  2. Golly, you're half greek, half indonesian? I wonder how you look like! The blood that runs all over you is just so interesting! And you talk like no kid. :)

    1. i'm just like patrick... in another version, ya knoooow :x well, to have such diversed background is pretty much amazing! :D my grandma is greek and grandpa is indonesian-japanese. i am more than just what written in the internet world... xD

      so do i talk like aslan??? just wondering~


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