July 13, 2012

What's inside

Yeah, what's inside my everyday bag? Seriously, I'm a big girl with small world and behemoth stuffs to bring. So my "everyday bag" surely a really big one. I have no messenger bag, no. I just don't want to take any risk of wasting money on something I'll definitely never wear or use. And this time I'm gonna show you what's inside my bag...

From the very left picture, my Fujitso lifebook which I always bring everywhere I go when I'm travelling outside Jakarta, complete with the internet connection. Next, my new phone, hihi. Say hi to HARRY! ;) I always put my phone in my bag this time. Don't want to make the same mistakes again like what I did to Corazon... Ane there's D&G Light Blue perfume. A gift from dad from his trip to Singapore. Love the smell so much! Last but not least, I also bring ZAYN, my camera inside the bag so it can be says my bag mostly fulled by gadgets. I can't live without them!

So this time, it's your turn!

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