July 10, 2012

Universe in my hands

Just like I've said a thousand times before...

So what am I doing these past few days? Trying to read the manual instruction of my new phone. Wait, what? Did I mean my BB? No no no, definitely NO. Why bother to read it if I can just drown the phone? :$ Kek, kidding... Well, dad was so kind to me this time. The day when I lost my phone was approximately 2 weeks ago. Remembering of my Corazon, I ground myself not to have another phone ASAP. Besides, getting away from those "rings... rings..." is a good method to clear up my mind. But that doesn't mean I don't want any phones ASAP :D At first dad asked me if I had my own choice this time—just so you know that Corazon was picked up by dad--and so I told him I wanted one of the Galaxy series. Anything as long as it's Galaxy. I thought he was going to buy me the SIII :x Just sayin~

And, last Monday he gave me a beautifully wrapped package after went home from the office. I knew it was a phone... trust me. Not that surprising, more like heart-breaking since I thought it would be SIII xD Welp, still, some webs say that it's the cheaper version of SII so I'm not that disappoint hehe... Gotta love my new toy this time!


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