July 22, 2012

You know I'm letting go tonight

Can't believe Wide Awake still banging on my head until now... I don't like Katy and her only song that ever been stucked like this for more than 24 hours was E. T. The whole lyrics are just so perfect. They're so meaningful. You know how Katy's songs are... She's like playing with them :O

Okay, enough about that song. So last week the whole high schools in Indonesia were having their orientation week. It was so fun to see new freshmen being bullied jerked around :D But I don't know what to tell... these photos were taken at the 2nd day (last Tuesday). Oh, a little story about that day... Since morning, all I thought in my head was to watched U's club's demo (he's on PMR—Teen's Red Cross). But at the end of the day, I didn't watch it. So I supposed to be at my new class, Social 2, but there was a teacher entered Social 1 and I thought she was going to tell important things, which actually she didn't... But I've already said to her that I was Social 1's student. She taught us for 45 minutes and all I was thinking for 45 minutes was that U's demo probably have already started... I sent a message to my friend—which was also U's friend—about the demo and she said they've already done it.


Why the hell I came to school? U's demo was my main reason to :O And when the teacher finished her lesson, I ran off to Tara's class and nearly cried...

Uh, Tara is as crazy as I am. The world collapses when we're together, ha!

Okay so the girl at the right side is Senpai Wilda. Since the first time I saw her on JAKUEN's first appointment, I always tought that she reminded me with Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, hahahahak! xD

Fidel! So beautiful like a country housemaid :O Guess she just straightened her hair...

 Fidel and Timur :)

Sorry if they look blurry. I didn't take those photos, Dina did. I was too busy hiding away from U, hehe. So yeah, guess I have to give her another lesson of photography class :O This is JAKUEN, the Japanese club of SMADA, they just held their first Bunkasai ever last June. Too bad I couldn't attend it since I was out of town. But heard that it was great! :D

So I spent the rest of that day at Tara's class—she's in Science 4, talking about U. And suddenly U passed our class. Nisa waved at him and he got in. Damn. I guess I was blushed. Seeing Tara and Nisa talked to him really got me envy but well, he once again said thank's to me for the gift, hehe... He even showed me his wallet. That was just so sweet and I swear I cried hard that moment—yes, I really did that! :D Oh, and here are some silly photos of me at Tara's class. This should be my class, and my class used to be Tara's class but we swapped each other. She didn't want in social class, and I didn't want to be in science. We suit each other, awe, don't you think it's so sweet??? HA-HA-HA.

Another story of U, last Wednesday before I got 2 days of pre-fasting holiday, U shook my hand :3 It was like halal-bihalal but in a very informal way, xixi. I closed my eyes to feel his hands, but... it turned out that I was the only one who really "hold" it. He only touched my hands, didn't really hold mine back. Oh well.

Sooo that's all! :D Thank's for reading, it's a really load of photos, ain't it? ;) Bye~


  1. Cute photo's!!



  2. so cute!! looks like you're having a great time at school there!

  3. COol post dear!!
    thanks for sharing those great pics!!

  4. hi nava! your photos made me miss high school and my high school friends. you guys are so cute!

    following you now. follow me back? :)



  5. those pictures are really funny :)
    i like them :)

  6. hahaha these pictures reminded me of my SMU years in Labschool, Jakarta. (i must get some old pictures out. Woot)

    1. thank's rima! :D i really miss my first year. 10 grade was amazing! and now i have to once again befriend with random people in grade 11 :( letting go my old chairmate was so hard...

      but life must go on! ^^

  7. Great pictures!! Thanks for the comment on my blog, follow you now ;-)


  8. thanks for your comment :)funny and nice pictures :) I following U :)


  9. wahhh... love ur bunny ^_______^

    1. wkwk, one thing for sure they're not playgirls :p

  10. so you starting a new life in high school? that's very nice, congrats and enjoy :) i've already on that time and i miss it already

    anyway, thanks for your feedback on my blog, i hope you enjoy my blog :D
    and followed you already


  11. WoW! Great picts!!!
    Thx for nice comment :)
    Now, I'm following you <3

  12. great photos :D

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  13. great photos!
    like ur blog a lot, would be happy if we could follow each other :))


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