August 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

Where the skies are blue

BEACHES, like I've told you before. Went to Siung Beach right at Mt. Kidul before heading back home and watched Avatar with my other cousins :D I've missed my last trip to the beach which was quietly around 2 years ago. And the touch down last Friday was pretty messy haha! Went there with some of my relatives and that stupid guy, Dimitri :| He's a party animal and seeing beaches will only make it even worse. Oh kidding, he's still seewww good for giving me new boomerang ;) I've tried it and well, I did hit Eleanor xD

So no chit chat, here are some of the shots of model of the century...

The beach was pretty much amazing with all the "mountainous" atmosphere there. Great place for photoshoots. But as the sands were white and there were lots of corals at seashore and it took years for me to reached the water, I guess that would be the first and last time visit for me... It was so slippery and god damn my feet got hurt! You can wear sandals or flip flops but the waves will wash it and take it away from you, ha! Cuz that's exactly what happened to me. Which fortunately I was able to catch my sandals. Here are the rest of the photos that day, I always love beaches whatever the challenges I have to take. Don't you just love playing with water? :)

Oh and here are both of my brothers :) This time I hope you can see their faces clear enough!

Mmmm, probably not that clear. I was wearing Urban Outfitters plaid shirt, Zara shorts and unbranded sandals. Now that I'm seeing these pictures, I think I should look up for more shorts now. Just in case if beaches will call me in the near future~ Hope you guys enjoy your holiday! :) Photos were taken by me, photos that are me in it, taken by dad.

"You better see me writing your name on sands. It's the wave that erase your name, which I call better as destiny."

-Adinda Navartierre-

August 14, 2012

Quote of The Day

"I think the idea of being 'exist' isn't about being surrounded by people who adore you and know you that you're popular. Being 'exist', for me, is always about being surrounded by people that actually don't think that you're 'exist', but still makes you think you are eitherway."

-Adinda Navartierre-

Catflowers are real

Eleanor is being so moody these past few days. I wonder if she already got her period :/ Well, she's still 3 months years old. But whatsoever, she's a cat. And cats are weird. So, I'm back to my old childhood days where I would spent hours just to play Harvest Moon on my Playstation 1, hehe. And now I am repeating it again, playing the same game in my PSP. Seriously, the first version of the game is the best of all, unlike the one that is set for PS 2. And well there's a flower of the season that you can plan--in this case, spring--called Catflower.

Back to topic, so one day when I was going to water the plants, I found her sleeping between the leafs! OMG, can't you call her so cute??? :D I've tried to put her down and get her back to her cage, she kept on climbing the pot back, haha! xD Such a creature... Oh and, how do you love my picts? :) I'm still trying to figure out how to turn all the photos into ones like Jane captured and posted on her blog.

Til next time, I gotta go fangirling again. Bye!

August 13, 2012

Current inspiration: Mike Quyen

The best Lookbookers with such high quality and creative photography concept, for me. Stopped at Doina's blogpost today and when I saw the first photo and read the name of 'Mike Quyen', I knew that post was gonna be epic. I've been loving Mike's photographs since I found his LB account from the contest, LB Is For Lovers. His look, We Found Love attracted my eyes with such uh, needless to say, can't find the right words to describe his amazing talent :) Here are some of my favourite looks from him!

Yellow Diamonds In The Light! The it masterpiece!

Pictures via Mike Quyen on See? I told ya he's really amazing and talented! The way his camera freezes all the photos takes my breath away ;) If only he can teach me some of his artworks, I'd love to move out to Bucharest! Like his Facebook page here, and fan him on LB! :)