August 09, 2012


"Yeah, I saw her account the other day and I clicked that 'follow' button. I knew that she is your friend and it seems like she's a good girl..."

It was Tuesday, I guess. The day when those seniors took away my bright yellow shoe-laces and Tara's headphone. The day when I actually talked with Drian when he had his painting project with his friend in front of my class—X.9 is located near the gallery where we mostly do our artsy things there. The day when I decided to let go of A's love and got to move on. The day when you finally said hi to me.

And the day when I realized I fell for your smile.

You used to be the leader of X.1. The smartest one, the guy who's loved by everyone. Including me. But you know what? It was unpredictable. I mean, I used to be afraid of you, and I put much respect to you as I knew that I was nothing compared to your oh-so-wow leadership. You were just like the president.

But I guess I put too much respect until one day I felt kind of floating emotions fulled my heart, mind, life, every aspects in my world. He's not handsome, but more into cute. I can't stop staring at his face and eyes, eventhough I look away when he looks back at me. Eventhough I hide myself behind Tara's back everytime we see each other. Eventhough I cry when he talks to me, which actually supposed to calm me down...

I just don't know why I easily fall for many boys and when I really do, I fall so hard.

"Please don't be scared of me. I wanna know more about you. It'll be so difficult for me if you're scared of me, haha. Anyway, how if later in second grade we can be in the same class but you're still that scared of me? How?"


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