August 04, 2012

Black babe

So, I never tell you about my camera before. Call me anything you want for confiding my stuffs too much, but this one little—okay, big—thing keeps on forcing me to post about himself. And now, I present you, HARRY :)

Photos taken from my Instagram - follow me @navartierre!

A Canon 600D, my very first DSLR camera EVER. Standard lens. Just got  its tripod that I call her, EMILY, regarding to Harry's ex-girlfriend (Emily Atack), mueheheh. First time used it, I read the manual book and once my mom accidentally dropped it from 3 cm heights. I screamed. The dusty surroundings in Jakarta makes it even harder for me to keep HARRY clean all the time. Some of the menus confuse me like, I still can't figure out how to stabilized the image and make a freeze shots. Mostly I take freeze shots by accident, so I really can't figure it out.

But I am loving this camera even more :*


  1. Loveeeee this camera ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. waah Nava.. so envy with you!
    I want a DSLR camera too.. I just have a Sony cyber shoot camera..
    wish I get it as my birthday's give.. ;)

    1. what kind of sony is it? mine is DSC W270 :) it has a really great quality for pocket cameras. my photography passion grew from that baby <3

      me and your parents should talk, LOL

    2. It's DSC W330 XD yes, my photography hobby start from it too.. I like it too.
      LOL, yes our parents should talk XD

  3. This is a perfect entry level DSLR. Did you get it with the twin lens pack? Im trying to decide wether I should get this one or throw in an extra $300 to get the 60D.....

    1. no i din't. you can choose wether you want the standard lens or any other lens to be paired with your camera--it could be tele, or even wide-angle. the standard one is much cheaper than the other lenses

      wheew, to invest another $300 for a camera is a big deal! :O

  4. aww such a great camera
    have fun with it!:)

    xx claude

  5. Love the camera I have the same one :)

    1. yes i guess i've seen it in your blog ^^ amazing photos you got!

  6. Nice camera :) sure we can follow each other x

  7. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. :) Hope you can figure out all the menus on HARRY!


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