August 14, 2012

Catflowers are real

Eleanor is being so moody these past few days. I wonder if she already got her period :/ Well, she's still 3 months years old. But whatsoever, she's a cat. And cats are weird. So, I'm back to my old childhood days where I would spent hours just to play Harvest Moon on my Playstation 1, hehe. And now I am repeating it again, playing the same game in my PSP. Seriously, the first version of the game is the best of all, unlike the one that is set for PS 2. And well there's a flower of the season that you can plan--in this case, spring--called Catflower.

Back to topic, so one day when I was going to water the plants, I found her sleeping between the leafs! OMG, can't you call her so cute??? :D I've tried to put her down and get her back to her cage, she kept on climbing the pot back, haha! xD Such a creature... Oh and, how do you love my picts? :) I'm still trying to figure out how to turn all the photos into ones like Jane captured and posted on her blog.

Til next time, I gotta go fangirling again. Bye!


  1. so cuteee :3
    tapi kenapa di kasih tali lehernya? kasiyaaan ._.

    1. harus, kalo ga ntar kabur :O tali kekangnya waktu itu putus dimainin kucing aku yg lain haha -___-

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  3. OMG Eleanor is so cuteeeeeeeeeee I love these pics!!! ♥♥♥

    1. i knooooow :D these were taken a month ago, you gotta see her nowadays! she has the best fur on the block ;)

  4. waah kucingnya lucu Nava XDD fotonya kereeen..
    tapi aku gak tega deh lihat dia diikat gitu :(

    agree with you! the first version of harvest moon is the best!

    visit my blog ♥

    1. haha iyaa -__-a soalnya tali kekangnya waktu itu putus dimainin sama persia aku yg lain wkwk. drpd kabur2 kan diiket dulu. kalo dimasukin ke rumah dia poop dmn2 :/

      aku malah ga ngeh sama yg buat PS 2 wkwk


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