August 02, 2012


So, who loves hot chocolate as much as I am??? /then suddenly everyone raises their hands/ Good, now that I'm still normal like you guys since I drink normal drinks~ Since I read the recipe of how to make a perfect hot chocolate from kak Diana, I started loving this drink even more. Especially since the doctor said I wasn't allowed to have any more coffees, with no exception. It's like another alternative. Every time I think of coffee, I walk to my kitchen and grab one of these sweets! It's available in two kinds; the one with sugar or the one with no sugar at all. I prefer the sugar-free one since I love the bitterness of chocolate :9

Welp, TTYL!


  1. Of course I want us to follow each other, you're very sweet! :D

    P.S: I adore cocoa!

  2. wow... I love hot chocolate too.. and maybe will try yours XD

    visit my blog ♥

  3. Gnamme gnamme

  4. Hey, thanks for your sweet comment? Wanna follow each other?

    wow you are so cute!


    ps: if you follow, let me know by commenting on my most recent post. then i'll skip over to your blog and follow you back! :]]

  5. Hows the Hot cocoa? :P Love bitter sweet drinks.

    Sure i wudnt mind at all. Added u on google connect. Add me too if you wish :))

  6. mmm yummmiiii!!

  7. I probably shouldn't drink coffee either. Woops.

    I loooveee hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.


  8. Loove hot chocolate! I just wanna have one now!

  9. oh this is making me hungry. err thirsty! but sadly, pregnancy and loads of anything chocolate doesnt go very well. cute blog you have here!

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  10. mmm this hot chocolate looks good. I always like drinking hot chocolate with churros. Have you tried raspberry hot chocolate? so. good.

  11. I love hot chocolate AND your blog! Great posts and pictures! Your blog is so diverse. Thanks for your nice comment, of course we can follow each other ;) Starting right now, hope you'll do the same ;) xoxo from New York City

  12. my darling you have a great blog, i'm your newest follower with google frind and bloglovin, pls support me back many kisses from,

  13. awww I loooove chocolate!!
    sure, you have a new follower :D

  14. I looove chocolate!!
    sure, you have a new follower. :)

  15. totally coffe addicated ^^
    you living at Yunani? what is your religious? :)

  16. I love hot chocolate too! and coffee but the doctor prohibits me to a few cups in a week because of my hyper acidity. :(

    sure, would love for us to follow each other. followed you! hope you can follow back soon. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  17. awww... looks so yummy. :) I wanna drink :D

    Jewel Clicks

  18. lovely blog.

  19. ah, I wanna try the recipe too, it looks nice :D

    Journal J

  20. thanks for your sweet comment! im following you now! waiting for you o follow me back ;) xx

  21. Delicious! Hot cocoa is one of my favorite things ever <3 Such a delight!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I am giving away three pairs of handmade earrings on my blog and will be very happy if you join :)


  22. delicious dear!!
    thanks for your comment and follow you on google friends connect!!
    xoxo and have a nice weekend=)

  23. Yum that looks so nice!! I adore hot chocolate too, especially with whipped cream and/or marshmallows on top, you should try it!!

  24. Look so yummy! :9
    anyway, thabk you for voting me on Fimelahood goes to Paris contest. If you don't mind, would you please help me to share the link?

    thank you dear! :*

  25. thanks for the lovely comment dear :) you have a nice blog too,keep it up! wanna follow each other?

  26. din langsung haus gua ngeliatnya wkwkwk


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