September 30, 2012

So cute I wanna die

Went to pet shop today :) Haven't done one since the first time I saw a pair of beautiful eyes came out and meow at me :D Elle just had her first salon-visit today and we cut her long claws. Now all the sofas in my house are safe! But look at how scared and worried she was! Don't you think Elle's just getting cuter? xD Aaa those, pair of round eyes :* Sorry for the photos, took it with my phone hee...

September 29, 2012

First class

I can't believe it. Oh okay I can believe it. For you guys who follow me on Twitter, must have known it since I couldn't stopped blabbering about it. Well, it finally happened. The day when I finally get to the first class—in this case, the first class of social classes. After struggling all night long, studied this and that all over again for probably 3 months, I proved myself in the recent exams that I could be responsible of the decision I took: that I was willing to became a social student.

Now that started from next Monday, I'll be studying at the new class with some not-so-new friends :) Hope that I can stand out in the crowd for once again! Until next time, cheerio! xx

September 26, 2012

Just keep swimming

And yes, I'm officially in a rehab.

Two days ago I talked to my parents that I needed to get a psychologist soon. And right at the moment, we went to dad's friend who was a psychologist and I got asked a lot of questions then. Long story short, the doctor said I started acting like a mad girl because of something that he didn't even know—I know he did, he just didn't want to tell me the truth. He said I was the only who can solve my problem, WITH extra helps from people around me. So one key, I should be more open-minded :)

But to make sure that I won't go too over control, my parents have already reserved me a place for a month full of rehab. A nice place for teenagers like me. Cuz however, I'm not even sure I can handle myself.

That's how my life right now. How's yours? :)

September 24, 2012

That random feeling

Gardening with mom. What can be better than spending your free time under the breezy weather beside this? I love how she takes care of our garden—it's brand new!—and all those greeny plants. One thing for sure is that we don't really have flowers here. Mom doesn't like it much. I wonder if we can get any violets...

Recently I've been feeling so insecure for no reason. I feel so mad over everything—which confuses me cuz it only happen when I'm on my period, and I am not in my period right now. I'm being emotional for everything that may not work and something in my head says that I have to kill people who don't make it work. Even the words that were being said by my best friends, could turned into a sharp sword and I felt like wanna punched her in the face. Just because I was being randomly emotional.

It's like, I was mentally bullied by them. Which I believe they wouldn't do such thing to me. But I still have this feeling that I can't get it out! :"( Lots of things happened and I just couldn't handle it.

I need someone to talk to. And I wanna cry now... Bye.

September 22, 2012


Over tanned, sigh

Hi there! I just had my nihon go exam at school which unexpectedly, I passed it well enough! :D Last night I studied more than 3 hours to got all these hiraganas in my head right away. There were 135 letters in total, but once you've done with the first 50 letters, then you'd be fine. I did it, which at first it was so stressing and I think I was going to blew my mind. But it's all worth it now! I still can't believe that I actually could read those hiraganas today and understood the meanings :D Wadda day!

Anyway, here are some photos that I managed to take when me and Dimitri were having our late dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I missed sushi a lot, all the menu there were soooo tasty and delicious! Fine dining yeah! But looking back at these photos makes me thinking that I might need a new camera teehee... I'm still trying to learn HARRY and all the stoopid functions. Night view mode would be great, but it takes more time to display the photos. Maybe all I need is only a "real" photography class out there? :D

So, いただきます ne~~ ^_^

September 20, 2012

Brokenhearted girl

So that's how my phone's screen looks like now. It's so heart breaking right? Don't blame Samsung cuz they've actually tested their phones and I even experienced some before, that all Galaxy series can never be broken for any reasons IF they're being fallen on a tile or floor, not on a solid concrete. Which sadly, this morning I dropped ZAYN on a solid concrete, a very solid new concrete. I felt a little heart attack and couldn't breathe for seconds due to my health problem and fortunately I still am fine now.

But I'm not fine without my smooth screen! :( It still works as usual tho, never underestimate the toughness of Galaxy series yo. I've dropped it on floor for several times too (mind my clumsiness) but it's still working really good actually. But seems like my front camera is having trouble. Hopefully I'll get ZAYN repaired by this weekend.


Obsessed // With U.

Reading // I haven't read many books recently. Been busy with school and photography class and some demands with blog designs. I wonder what's happening with reading world right now.

Looking forward to // October and probably more weekends :p

Fashion obsession // Get more new stuffs with union jack pattern on it! As I just got my new ring, and soon will have my very first sling bag from Gowigasa that I ever told you here. Can't wait!

Music // Well, still listening to old songs in my playlist. I just remembered I haven't updated my iPod for probably centuries since I always bring my phone with me rather than bringing 2 gadgets at the same time. But now after I broke my phone's screen, it's hard to get back to my iPod. Like, there are only songs from the era of Marilyn Monroe and I don't like it :( I never like this situation...

Thinking about // My phone's screen T^T But before I broke it, the only thing I thought was how to get to Social 1. As you know that students at my school are being rolled once every 2 months and we will be placed in different classes based on our exams' scores. So it's always been banging-all-night-long week for me. If I can't get to Social 1, I don't know what U would say about it...

Another "inspired-by" post by Ilene. Head over to her post, here!

Yes, for you guys who follow me on Twitter, here comes the most heart-breaking moments: I just broke my phone's screen, accidentally of course. But I feel so stupid cuz I know I could avoid it. Now I'm feeling stupid sooooo stupid! I miss my smooth screen :(

September 17, 2012

Tune me in: Taylor Swift - WANEGBT

"You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me...
But we are never ever ever ever...

... getting back together!"

Sophomores do it better

Well hi. Apparently my last post wasn't really my last post for this week. I just came home from school and realized my exam schedules are waaaaaaayyyyy sooooo relaxing than my first year in senior high—and other than those science classes :D As you guys know that I've been taking social class as my major, so it's really relaxing not to see chemistry, biology, and physics anymore, woohoo! Tomorrow is English and PE so I can have a little time to touch Ginfragont. Today was history and sociology, which went really smooth. I hope I can pass it over 80, amen! Okay, just wanna tell you how I love having exams nowadays, teehee :x

Please don't punch me.

September 15, 2012


Gardens, flowers, plants. Everything green just like in the jungle—okay, gardens like I said. These photos were taken back then when I was still in Jogja and was waiting for my parents to talked with some neighbours there. It was a sunny day when Dim brought his dog, Lionell along. I took some photos of Lionell but for now, I'll just share the beautiful flowers I snapped too. So say, aren't they cute??? I think I'll look up for new lens since the standard lens can't really catch the beauty details of little things. Dad said I should get myself a micro lens. Well, that means I have to save up money from now on...

All photos taken by me
Canon Rebel T3i - standard lens