September 01, 2012

A classic tale

Met the whole big fam when I was visiting Jogja back then. And as always, Dim ruined everything. When I said everything, it means nothing left to be seen. Like he's a piece of thunder or typhoon that's ready to destroy everything he touches :x Loving the shirt I wore that day. It was a gift from grandma and actually a crop top with long sleeve. But it's in Australian size so yeah, it doesn't look like it's a crop top -__-

Aaannnndddd guess what? My big brother has just accepted in UGM—number 1 university in Indonesia since early 2012! :D Soooo happy for him! He's now studying law and by that, I should feel envy geez.... Dad brought us around Jogja for the rest of the day after family gathering and I was definitely amazed by how wide Grha Sabha Pramana was!!! :O The sky was so blue and clear and the wind did wonder to my hair *pfftt* So fresh! Unlike in Jakarta where you can be amazed by the dusts... I can't wait to be there in the same university and faculty with my brother, in about a year B) Everything the best for my high school! \m/

So ciao! See you later, will do fangirling again~ ;)


  1. Congrats for your brother :D

  2. great pictures!! love the colors you two are wearing!!


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