September 20, 2012


Obsessed // With U.

Reading // I haven't read many books recently. Been busy with school and photography class and some demands with blog designs. I wonder what's happening with reading world right now.

Looking forward to // October and probably more weekends :p

Fashion obsession // Get more new stuffs with union jack pattern on it! As I just got my new ring, and soon will have my very first sling bag from Gowigasa that I ever told you here. Can't wait!

Music // Well, still listening to old songs in my playlist. I just remembered I haven't updated my iPod for probably centuries since I always bring my phone with me rather than bringing 2 gadgets at the same time. But now after I broke my phone's screen, it's hard to get back to my iPod. Like, there are only songs from the era of Marilyn Monroe and I don't like it :( I never like this situation...

Thinking about // My phone's screen T^T But before I broke it, the only thing I thought was how to get to Social 1. As you know that students at my school are being rolled once every 2 months and we will be placed in different classes based on our exams' scores. So it's always been banging-all-night-long week for me. If I can't get to Social 1, I don't know what U would say about it...

Another "inspired-by" post by Ilene. Head over to her post, here!

Yes, for you guys who follow me on Twitter, here comes the most heart-breaking moments: I just broke my phone's screen, accidentally of course. But I feel so stupid cuz I know I could avoid it. Now I'm feeling stupid sooooo stupid! I miss my smooth screen :(


  1. I love your fashion obsessions ;)))

  2. great pictures!! love them so much!!
    2 giveaways on my blog:)

  3. :( wish your handphone okay even if the screen's broke, Nava.

  4. such a fun current post! you are too cute. i also love those brit lips - a fun ring! p.s. so sad though about your phone. :(


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