September 29, 2012

First class

I can't believe it. Oh okay I can believe it. For you guys who follow me on Twitter, must have known it since I couldn't stopped blabbering about it. Well, it finally happened. The day when I finally get to the first class—in this case, the first class of social classes. After struggling all night long, studied this and that all over again for probably 3 months, I proved myself in the recent exams that I could be responsible of the decision I took: that I was willing to became a social student.

Now that started from next Monday, I'll be studying at the new class with some not-so-new friends :) Hope that I can stand out in the crowd for once again! Until next time, cheerio! xx


  1. goodluck! :)

  2. that's great and good luck!

  3. thx for your comment :)
    Cute pics,

    I just followed you on friend connect,

    Would love if you could do the same


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