September 29, 2012

Japanese pals

Getting busier and busier each day, I'm gaining my confident step by step which is really good :) Some nights ago I caught myself doing stuffs for Jakuen—a Japanese club at school—and enjoyed it alot. Actually I just came back again after 4 months of hiatus from Jakuen. But here I am now! Sitting at my desk, colouring all those cute little pals of orientation event for our freshmen. Can't wait to get to the day—which I believe next Saturday—and of course I promise I'll tell you guys more about it! ^^

Arigatou to oyasuminasai, minna-san! ^3^


  1. Wow your voyage has inspired you a lot!!
    I love the japanese pals

  2. Too cute! Love all your posts :)

    I'm following you now!

  3. hahaa such a cute blog overall! i'd love to follow you! :D

    and that is so cool, would love to know more! :)

  4. So cute
    Beijos Vanessa

  5. theyre so cool looking!! great work!

    check out my new post!

    XOXO S

  6. Aw, I love those little pals :D
    Thanks for dropping by to my blog. Sure, I would like to follow each other. Imma follow you on GFC now ^^

    x, Lara

  7. Following you now in google friend connect as well as bloglovin ! Follow me back !

  8. so adorable!! great inspiration!!


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