September 26, 2012

Just keep swimming

And yes, I'm officially in a rehab.

Two days ago I talked to my parents that I needed to get a psychologist soon. And right at the moment, we went to dad's friend who was a psychologist and I got asked a lot of questions then. Long story short, the doctor said I started acting like a mad girl because of something that he didn't even know—I know he did, he just didn't want to tell me the truth. He said I was the only who can solve my problem, WITH extra helps from people around me. So one key, I should be more open-minded :)

But to make sure that I won't go too over control, my parents have already reserved me a place for a month full of rehab. A nice place for teenagers like me. Cuz however, I'm not even sure I can handle myself.

That's how my life right now. How's yours? :)


  1. it's okay dear, i've been there.
    when i was around 15-16 years i was so unstable and have to do a lot of counseling.

    i was "softly" bullied by my peers and it turned my life upside-down... i felt like nobody understands me or my problem (not even my parents) - yet i couldn't spit it out.

    i felt so lonely and insecure and even i was so reluctant to continue on living.

    but, now i know that almost everybody faced the same problem as a teenager. it's kinda normal because of some hormonal problem & it's a process of identity finding.

    but you have to find somebody to talked too, heart-to-heart. find someone whom you trust and comfortable with. someone mature enough. if that means a psychologist, then go for it - it doesn't mean that you are mad or something.

    and this too shall pass;
    cheer up! :)

    best regards,

  2. Hi. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! ^^ I love your blog too. Followed ya :)

    hope you cheer up soon! Don't waste your days of mad and sadness :) be happy! x

  3. Oh no! I hope you recover soonnn!!!

    1. Thank you Dipika! :* I miss you so!

  4. hi Nav :)
    oh yeah, I have times like that too -__-" tapi kalo gua ketemunya sama om sendiri, bukan temen bokap LOL
    jadi sebulan lu di tempat rehab gitu? ato cuma dateng pulang aja di sana?

    minggu ini... gua mulai ngampus sendiri, kaga di anter2in lagi kaya sebelum2nya hahaha
    rada bikin stres juga sih, soalnya kan capek, terus harus ngebiasain diri juga sama hidup di jalanan LOL

    do your best and God will do the rest! :D
    I only have one message, be more honest to yourself and you won't get in distress :)
    kayanya aneh ya kalo stranger yang ngomong ahahaha

    have a nice week sista~


    1. Haha ga chelle, terapinya masih balik ke rumah kok. Semau gue aja kpn mau terapi, yg pasti harus pas sebulan dan jaraknya gaboleh lebih dr 3 hari kalo gue "mangkir". Rehab buat ngatur emosi sama bikin sibuk aja sih kata dokternya hehe...

      Gue juga walaupun msh SMA udh mulai jalan sendiri kok -__- Sometimes suck, krn bisa bikin capek akut! But I enjoy it though :D

      Iyaaa, makasih ya chelle, unyu deh ah :3 Gpp kali, support sekalipun datengnya dr pengemis juga judulnya ya support :D Thanks bgt ya!

    2. oooh, gua kira pake nginep2 segala xD terakher oma gua juga kudu nginep sih LOL gua kebalikannya, malah harus ngurangin kegiatan sebulan plus harus banyak istirahat :p

      BENER BANGET!!! belom kalo pas olah raga, ada ekskul pula.. really damn tiring >,< tapi fun.nya kalo tau2 diajak hangout bisa langsung ikut, ga harus nunggu dianter ortu *ketauan bengalnya lol*

      ah lu juga unyu ;p masama sista~ fighting! jangan bolos2 ntar kena waktu tambahsn lagi XD

    3. Waaah, kalo gue HARUS bgt sibuk! Ga sibuk justru bahaya soalnya ntar pikiran gue bisa melayang kemana2, ujung2nya jd bertingkah aneh lg ._. Yg begitu yg gabisa gue tangani sendirian...

      Gue. Pulang. Msh. Naik. Angkot T_T Sebel...

      Duh chelle jd pgn ketemu :*

  5. Replies
    1. Thank's Rosie! :* I am getting better now!

  6. hey, thanks for the comment, I'll follow, just let me know :)

  7. I hope things get better for you soon! We have all been there where we haven't felt confident or happy. I am now following, so keep me updated!

  8. Thanks for dropping by! You have a great blog as well & I'd love if we would follow each other!

  9. Great blog :)

    Lets follow each other, hun :)
    I'm following you now.
    I would be very glad to have you as my new friend, too.

    Ina :*

  10. Nice blog and thanks for the comment on mine. I'm now following yours, hope you'll follow me back!


  11. Its perfectly true
    we should create our own trend not just following others

    cool post

    1. Nice interview on your blog, Brooke :D Can't wait for the next one!

  12. hang in there. if you can get through your teens (it isn't easy), you can handle anything. good luck :)


    1. Awe that's so sweet of you dear thankies :) Yeah, getting through my teenage years--am still 16 and growing--is a very hard thing to do... Mood breaker here and there :/

  13. Hi girl, I just found your blog and saw pictures of you and said "she must be from Indonesia!" Sure enough, you are! I was born and grew up in the United States, but my entire family lives in Jakarta. In fact, my parents are moving there in December permanently. So I'll be going back every so often. I'm currently 26 and reading your post made me remember what it was like to be 16. It was definitely a hard year, but you will get through it. It's a lot of change, and you want to rebel, and go against your parents...I certainly did! It was hard for everyone but we all got through it. I'm living in San Francisco, with a job at a corporate retailer, I graduated from college--and I'm doing just fine! You can do it too!


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