September 29, 2012

Just something in between...

Latest book I read. Since I'm in a rehab now, the doctor said I should get something that keeps me busy all the time. The busier I am, the better my soul will be :) Knew this novel for the first time from Ucha, then last Tuesday when I just got home from watching Resident Evil 5 with Widya and Nindya—hey, they rhyme!—I went to a book store and saw this novel. I haven't touched it until now. Too lazy to start reading new chapter ugh...

And yes, as you can see that I still haven't repaired ZAYN. Same reason, too lazy :p Because I feel quite fine even with cracked screen there. I still can type as fast as I used to~~ Oh and try to guess which photo will be availible tomorrow at Sue Pop! ^^

Anyway, I just realized Zayn could actually pose in such..... well, expressions :|

But then again, I'm melted away when I see this cover. They're just so asdsdlfsnvlksjlfnlasn!!!

See? I told ya! :D

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