September 17, 2012

Sophomores do it better

Well hi. Apparently my last post wasn't really my last post for this week. I just came home from school and realized my exam schedules are waaaaaaayyyyy sooooo relaxing than my first year in senior high—and other than those science classes :D As you guys know that I've been taking social class as my major, so it's really relaxing not to see chemistry, biology, and physics anymore, woohoo! Tomorrow is English and PE so I can have a little time to touch Ginfragont. Today was history and sociology, which went really smooth. I hope I can pass it over 80, amen! Okay, just wanna tell you how I love having exams nowadays, teehee :x

Please don't punch me.


  1. hello. :) Break a leg on all your subjects! :) Following you now. :)

  2. good for you! i also hate those, specially Chemistry! :)

  3. hi dear good luck with your exams:)! following you now!

  4. Cool! Break a leg-ouch!

  5. So excited to be following you! Love your glasses!

  6. Well good luck on these exams- even if there isn't as much pressure for them.


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