September 24, 2012

That random feeling

Gardening with mom. What can be better than spending your free time under the breezy weather beside this? I love how she takes care of our garden—it's brand new!—and all those greeny plants. One thing for sure is that we don't really have flowers here. Mom doesn't like it much. I wonder if we can get any violets...

Recently I've been feeling so insecure for no reason. I feel so mad over everything—which confuses me cuz it only happen when I'm on my period, and I am not in my period right now. I'm being emotional for everything that may not work and something in my head says that I have to kill people who don't make it work. Even the words that were being said by my best friends, could turned into a sharp sword and I felt like wanna punched her in the face. Just because I was being randomly emotional.

It's like, I was mentally bullied by them. Which I believe they wouldn't do such thing to me. But I still have this feeling that I can't get it out! :"( Lots of things happened and I just couldn't handle it.

I need someone to talk to. And I wanna cry now... Bye.


  1. That sucks. It's good if you talk to someone close who you can vent out to. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hey :)
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment and we can surely follow each other.
    Gladly followed through GFC and Bloglovin (#44).
    You have such a lovely and inspirational blog, love the design and posts.
    Maybe you feel so sad because of Autumn, or by no apparent reason - It happens to me a lot too. Just drink some tea, cover yourself in cozy blanket and watch some tv shows - it always helps me. :) I'm sure you will get better and I wish you to have an amazing week!

  3. I will cry with you :(

  4. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just stop thinking and try to relax.

    Cheer up!

    1. Wew, you didn't know what happen last night after I wrote this post... I thought so many things and I ended up looking like a mad girl :(

  5. seems like you had good time with moomy :))
    wannna follow each other?
    let me know :D

  6. great little moment!

    I love this!
    Hybid Hunter

  7. dear nava, would it help for me to tell you it's completely normal for you to feel so emotional at age 16? i swear that's the truth! i studied adolescence in college. i have worked with high school students as a teen advocate, & volunteered as a mentor. so, i'm not just saying that. also, i have old journals i kept from when i was a teenager, & i was extremely moody.

  8. Heyyyy Nava!!

    Hehehe sometimes gardening can be good =P

    OMG I felt exactly the same a few days ago!! It's horrible isn't it? :-/
    Feel free to chat with me about it if you want to xxxxx

    1. Yes it's so horrible... I could be very dangerous the past few days but fortunately I was able to held them inside my head, just inside my head. Last night I looked up for a therapy but it didn't help much tho :/ Guess I'm the only one who can solve my own problems...

  9. I love gardening during spring, but then I'm getting bored and I stop doing it, and it's like that every year!

  10. nice post! :)
    thank u for a lovely comment on my blog:))
    of course i follow you!!!
    I am your new follower, now it's your turn:))

  11. Hi! Know what, I also feel insecure sometimes but the good thing is even though I sometimes feel that, I'm surrounded with people who were motivating me and making me smile. My family, my boyf and friends. Lastly, I talk to God. God Bless.

  12. i know , that feeling sucks! btw , ofcourse we can follow each other. following u now :)

  13. I'm sure that you will get better soon. You just need to talk to someone you really trust.

    Sure! Seems like we have to follow each other.
    Jessie xx

  14. Awesome Blog :D Offcourse I'd love to follow you :D **New Follower via GFC**
    Now ur turn x

  15. don't feel bad! Am sue your will be fine! Maybe it's just mood swings!


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