September 22, 2012

Typo of the moment: Eminem is mine


After downloading all those cool fonts from various font shops, I started getting irritated by myself. I started forgetting those fonts which I've downloaded and one day I download the same font again, which is wasting my time, really. So mind if I use the same font all over again because I simply too lazy to search over at my control panel all my new installed fonts teehee :D Anw, Lighters (Eminem ft. Bruno Mars) was on repeat today after I went home and laying like a normal human being. Then suddenly I read Eminem's name in rap mode, tried to imitate him. And I thought... there was this "mine" word within his name. Aw shucks, though he's a really annoying rapper, but he has such a sweet romantic side too! :D

Or is it just me who feel kinda like it? :x

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