September 01, 2012

Typo of the moment: September


Happy September everyone! :D Can't believe it's September already... Who has a birthday in September??? Don't forget to invite me will you? ;) Let's have a little review of my August. Umm, nothing amazing, just small things with school that I don't want to write here. My #SeptemberWish is still the same, to be with the one I love, for real. U seems like avoiding my signals—no, not avoiding me, just the signals—and I guess I can say that he's not interested for having any relationship with any girls right now. Not sure whether I should be glad for that or not :| Oh enough about my love life. I can close my box of love for now...

Well, how's your August and what will you do for the ninth galore? :)


  1. I wish you a good September and that all your dreams come true

    1. merci beaucoup katya, you're too sweet! xx

  2. wish you'll be better than last month <3 anyway thanks for visited my blog. and of course i'd love to follow each other. just tell me if you've followed me and i'll follow you back :)


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