September 13, 2012

Velvet life

Spent last Friday with some school friends. Celebrating Widya's belated birthday at Gokana, the restaurant that I put to my English assignment months ago and led me to this award from school :D I even ordered the same ramen like I did! It was so fun talking back with my old team mate—minus Ocha and Sela. I also bought some fangirl stuffs afterwards. Will post it tomorrow probably. For now, I'll leave you guys with this small update and ciao! Gotta go back to my desk doing homeworks! xx


  1. Gnam Gnam che voglia di cibo!

  2. sounds fun, have a great upcoming weekend <3

  3. I followed youк blog as you suggested))
    Great post, and I also like ramen, even though I'm russian))
    ♥ ♥ ♥


  4. What a sweet blog you got here :) I love it :)

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  5. Hi! your blog is also very nice!!
    And you were the first person who commented mine so I will remember you ;)))

  6. Inspiring and classy blog, love it.

  7. looks yummy!
    I can't wait to see your next post :D

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