October 27, 2012

Blogging 101

Some of my "real world" friends asked me of how did I do my blog until this far. And so I had the idea to made a post and to shared with you my personal experience with blogging world for 3 years. Just a reminder that this is just a personal view of myself, okay? :)

Let's start with the very basic question... why do you blog? I must admit that blogging is opened for everyone with no limitation. But if you wanna keep it up, you have to be someone that has a passion for it. Like, just like me, I have a mad passion in writing. Started from writing my life and other ramblings on Tumblr, I thought I needed another space that was big enough and I could share my other passion with others. Not to mention I gained lots of another new passion from overseas bloggers since then :)

Now when you're ready to start a blog, what should you post? I'll say, EVERYTHING! ;) Recently I've been looking up over fashion blogs--cuz I'm not really sure style.com interests me as much as street stylers live from their own blogs. But I'm also into personal, food, design, and fandoms blogs. One thing for sure, you gotta decide what's your blog's theme. Stick with it all the time, but be a flexible one and give another things to shine :)

Every blogger started their own blog at first from ground zero. So it's okay to grow your own step by step. But this point is really important: the blog design. It's the design that readers love at first sight. You should make good impression when new or old readers come back to your blog. Don't forget to re-design your blog every once in a while to refresh it. Don't put too many gadgets on your sidebar or wherever it is that makes your blog looks terribly messy. Put the most important first, then some additionals follow. Remember as less is always more :)

Afterall, the one that really, really, really attracts readers is the quality of your posts. No matter how good your blog design is, if you don't put good effort on making your posts, there's no way people would love to have a peek of it. So make sure you write good, readable and interesting. Here are some tips of me when you write posts:
+ Don't use too many kinds of different fonts in one single post. People will get confused easily. Stick to one standard font that you've customized at the template designer.
+ No RAINBOW fonts. Except for some condition where you want to hightlight a word but that's just for ONE WORD. Like I did above on RAINBOW word. It makes me dizzy everytime I read too many colours in one single post on some blogs.
+ I know this seems unimportant but using the right word of a language--for example, English--would be very appreciated here. Always try to stick with the right grammar. It's okay if you got wrong grammar but make sure you don't go too far with that. Use capital letters for each beginning of a sentence and you-know-the-rule.

And here comes the tricky part. When you've done having all those things above for your blog, make sure you have one special page that describes yourself. When I visit blogs, the first thing I read is always the "about" page. It gives me information of the author. Just in case if we have the same interests :)

Last but not least, always blogging from the heart!

October 25, 2012

Tu es belle...

I went for an art class with a good friend of mine when we were little. We used to sneak up and watched some students painted or made vases back then. I still remember how I asked my mother desperately to come with them and sign me in. At first she refused, but after a few more arguments, she agreed. And there I was, with my friend, walked proudly to the art class and started doing some paints. But a few years later I decided to stop while my friend kept going. And just a few days ago he showed me some of his water color arts that he learnt from that art class. Now I'm feeling a little bit disappointed of myself cuz I've stopped. Oh well, don't you think these paintings are just fascinating? :)

Have a sweet weekends!

October 13, 2012

Into my wardrobe, quick!

Wow, a week without blog update? Where have I been? :O My internet connection has been broken recently. I've tweeted it today a lot lol :D But now it just got repaired and I'm ready to be back on track! So what have I missed? LOTS OF MANY GOODS, of course, geez. I couldn't read blogs for a week and it almost killed me smoothly. But anyway, last Wednesday I received my package from Gowigasa, yay! :* Remember the union jack bag that I ever told you here? Now they're officially in my hands... or I can say in my closet, joining with my other hand bags, hehe. Super duper love it! This is my first experience in online shopping and Gowigasa has given me big impact and brave me to have another online shopping. In fact, I'm carving another bags from them right now ;)

Thank you so much for the good service, I love it!

October 05, 2012

Silent night

Taking photos between my hectic times and keep on thinking positive with all the heart-breaking chats that came upon my WhatsApp :| Recently I had this friendship issue that makes my emotion going down, so down. Now all that's left here in my heart is only hatred. I'm not a good listener, I tell ya, and I don't like it when people tell me that I was wrong. Okay, I listen and I (perhaps) did wrong stuffs but well, there's this feeling to be prefect. The pressure to looked just "fine" and crackless...

My parents are currently in Palembang for a cousin's wedding and here I am with my little brother spending the free time. I was actually working with some musical tasks due next week, a short presentation of Spain's national anthem and etc. Once again, I feel like I'm hating the music class :$ Recently I've been reading a lot of Photoshop easy tutorials from Katrina of Pugly Pixel and some google searches. Wdyt? :)